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Gunsan, Jeonbuk, Korea - Gunsan Sinsi-do, a place to catch saltwater fish

Experiencers enjoying the opening under the rising sun

Gunsan Sinsi-do, a place to catch saltwater fish

Gunsan, Jeonbuk, Korea

The place where we could meet 90 minutes by boat from Gunsan Port came to us with a fantastic drive course and superb view. I have met Shinsi-do, a place with beautiful and secluded island scenery and exciting fun.
Gogunsan-gun is a must-see
The road that has no end, the sea and the vast sea that surrounds it are mysterious. Saemangeum room, where we changed the map of South Korea in April 2010
Lovers enjoying a date at Saemangeum Seawall
Road to Wolyeongjae behind Saemangeum Service Area
In the middle of the embankment is Shinsido, which is designated as the Knoll Island among the four-color autumn themed islands selected by the Ministry of Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization.
Yellow ribbon to indicate winding
In Sinsido, people began to live in the early days of Silla due to the herring of herring around the island. Gogunsan-gun, with its beautiful scenery called “star in the lake,” is the largest of the 24 islands. I would like to stop for a while and leave a picture if I am running along a cool road along the embankment. That's why it's nice to see a rest area or an observatory. One of the most famous is the Saemangeum Rest Area, which is located at the highest 199 peak (199 m above sea level) in Sinsi-do. Opposite is a monument to the construction of the Saemangeum Seawall.
Monument to build Saemangeum Seawall opposite the Saemangeum Rest Area
It is not so difficult to see the landscape of Gogunsan-gun at the rest area. Behind the parking lot of the rest area, there is a way up to Wolyeongjae which is a 7 course of Gunsan winding road. It is an alley connecting Sinsi-do and the embankment, and it can be said to be the starting point for the realization of Gogunsan-gun. As you climb the slope, you will find a crossroad between 199 and Wolyeongbong. Wolyeongbong is composed of columnar joints that can be enjoyed in Jeju Island.
Superb view of Gogunsan archipelago from 199bong
If you want to capture both the Gogunsan-gun and Saemangeum embankments, head to 199. The hiking trail that climbs to the 199 mountain peak is less intimidating than it might be due to the appearance of the Gogunsan archipelago.
Saemangeum dike seen downhill from the summit
199 peaks so arrived. Gogunsan-gun, facing Haemu, is a masterpiece drawn by nature enough to paralyze the nerves of the whole body. I want to sit down and watch the sunset, but it's hard to come down when it's dark.
Middle-aged couple sitting side by side and looking at Gogunsan-gun
The finishing strokes, opening of Nol Island
When it is said to go in and experience, the people who change their boots to go to the mud flats quickly and easily. This is because it is a perfect moment for you to feel the taste of fish thicker than your forearm. It is the site of the “opening experience”, which is the No. 1 public trust that made the new city a “nole island”.
A child holding her mother's hand and looking over the mud flat
Opening is the traditional fishing way to catch fish. At low tide, the pine pilings are semi-oval on the mud flats, and the bottom of the net is buried along the pilings on the bottom of the mud flats. At high tide, we sailed out of the boat, hung the top of the net on the pine stakes, and spread the net.
State of children enjoying Gaemagi
The expectation that fishing is difficult due to the muddy water is missed nicely. If the water depth gets shallower, the mullet, which is over 50cm long, will appear, but it is more appropriate to say that it is difficult to catch it with great force. Feel for the first time in life
State of children enjoying Gaemagi
Experience is not possible every day, so make a reservation after checking the date by phone or through the website. It's a fishing method using tea, so you can experience it around the corner. Also, don't be late for experience. You should start on time to enjoy longer.
Gray Mullet
The Sinsido Fishing Village offers free boot rental for an easy opening experience. However, the fish scales are slippery, so preparing a paddock is essential. It's a good idea to get extra clothes because you may get wet in the sea or you might fall off a mud flat.
Large amount of fish caught enough to prepare icebox
Travel info

New Sidor Village Village
Address: 83-7 Sinsido-gil, Okdo-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
Contact / Reservation: 063-463-7088


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2. Accommodation

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