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Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village - Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Seomjin River Train Village 內 Rose Park

Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village

Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village is a family-oriented tourist destination enjoyed by a wide range of demanding families, from steam locomotives, rose gardens, animal farms, rail bikes, etc.
Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village 개선 Improved accessibility for the vulnerable

Complement the web page for tourist information

-Gokseong Seomjin River homepage, open tourist page tab added at the top left
-You can download an open tourist attraction business introduction, service introduction and guide file.

To provide a guided tour for barrier-free tours in the Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village, a pamphlet using pictograms was provided and made available to families with wheelchairs, the disabled, pregnant women, and infants and their families more conveniently. Since it is rented at the entrance of the train village, you must return it without forgetting to use it, so you can share useful help for other blind people.
Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village Leaflet for the Disabled
Improved parking area considering accessibility so that it is safe and convenient in consideration of the vulnerable groups (disabled people, elderly people, families with young children, pregnant women, etc.).
Improved parking lot for the disabled with consideration for securing wheelchair space
Improved parking lot for pregnant women
A roadside street connecting the parking lot and the ticket office
Ticket Office Improvements.
Wheelchair accessible ramp installation
Ticket counters lowered in height
A total of seven palpable information boards are installed in the Seomjin River train village (front, back, central plaza, music fountain, etc.), and the two front and back pavilion information boards provide voice guidance for visually impaired or low vision users who cannot read Braille. Features are installed.
Tactile information board with braille markings
Tactile information board with voice guidance function installed
Install a breastfeeding room using a train
There are a total of 5 toilets for the handicapped, and they are improved so that there is no inconvenience in using them.
Next to the main entrance waiting room
Next to the main entrance waiting room
Outside the train village (Parking 3)
In the Seomjin River Train Village, you can enjoy rose parks, ecological learning centers, animal farms, magic lands, and more.
Rose Park shelter
Rose Park Shelter
Downhill road from Rose Park Shelter to Rose Park
The steam locomotive, the highlight of the Seomjin River train village, was able to ride along the Seomjin River waterway running for 10km from Gugokseong Station to Gajeong Station, and the scenery seen through the window varies from season to season. It is said that if you meet a water mist in the early morning, you can enjoy a dream-like trip.
Ecological Learning Center Entrance
Dreamland Ghost House
Dreamland Viking and Ferris Wheel
3 ways to enjoy the Seomjin River Train Village

1) If you enjoy only a steam locomotive
(Old) Gokseong Station and Gajeong Station are equipped with a wheelchair-mounted lift and a steam locomotive with a round-trip ticket.

2) If you want to enjoy the rail bike and steam locomotive together

• Parking at Chimgok Station, take the Seomjin River Rail Bike (available for off-peak season only), and then return to Chimgok Station by riding a steam locomotive from the home station.
only. Because there is no automatic lift in wheelchairs at Chimgok Station, you must board through human service
Example) 11:40 Seomjin River Ride Bike: 11:40 min. After arriving at Home Station, 12:30 min. By steam locomotive, 12:45 min. Arrive at Chigok Station (1 hour 45 min.)

• Parked at the home station and arrived at Chikgok Station on a steam locomotive (possible with human assistance by not installing a wheelchair lift).
Ex) 12:30 minutes by steam locomotive 12:45 minutes arrive at Bonggok Station, 13:00 minutes from Bonggok Station by rail bike and arrive at Home Station 13:40 minutes (1 hour and 10 minutes)

Steam locomotive in Gokseongseong Station with lift installed
Rail Bike at Chimgok Station
After arriving at the home station, about 30 minutes until the next train time, you can look around at the bridge. If you have a wheelchair, you need to use a road with a driveway to access it.
Rocking legs
Seomjin River
Migratory birds flying over the Seomjin River
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