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Goheung-gun, Jeonnam, Korea - Goheung Sihodo & Neighbor, prehistoric times and the universe

Take a trip to Shiho Island where you can enjoy the opening and tidal-flat experience

Goheung Sihodo & Neighbor, prehistoric times and the universe

Goheung-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Goheung's first aerospace route from Korea. The street name alone makes my heart flutter. Do you pass through this road to the universe? But there is a special bond found on this road. It's a time machine going back in time. Two minutes by chubby boat, the primitive age welcomes us 200,000 years ago. 40 minutes away, the past and the future coexist like the Naro Space Center.
Okay! Now start to the island with the past and the future!
Shiho-do, a place to taste primitive times
No electricity, no water. Primitive outfits also shoot arrows. The tribes also compete for food. Canned shellfish and fish caught in nets are the food that day. Firewood should be lit with a flint behind the pan, but the fish can be grilled. Shihodo is the place where people live away from civilization.
Follow the path to see the tiger boat
One day in Shiho Island begins with the return of cell phones from the Kowloon Village dock on the same side of the island. Shiho-do is named after a tiger dying. When you arrive at the dock and go over the belly material that corresponds to the tiger's belly, the elasticity of ‘와’ comes out. The primitive tents, which can be used by four or five people, create an imagination that seemed to immerse themselves in the popular TV program "Jungle's Law." When your phone rings, you get busy, and you'll be out of date.
Precious wild ganoderma lucidum growing on the roadside
The Seahodo program, where many families and groups work together, begins by creating teams to create tribes.
There is an experience hall located at the end of the downhill road with a total of 8 huts.
It is also unique that all programs are conducted in tribal units, such as electing tribal leaders and creating tribal flags.
A hut in Shiho-do is provided as a lodging facility for two-day, one-night visitors.
Kim Jong-bae, the chief of Shiho-do, said, “Since I am too busy, it is awkward to be with someone and to be considerate. “The reason why Shihodo exists is to help people realize the importance of the family through their primitive tribal experiences and to understand what community life is like.”
Trimming the fish caught. Because it is natural, the taste is excellent.
The program varies depending on the age, purpose and experience of the visitors.
People wearing primitive clothes and experiencing the opening ceremony
But what is included is a survival experience assuming uninhabited distress. Fire with flint and firewood, and the meal itself must be solved.
Group tourists experiencing the opening <Photo courtesy of Shihodo>
Resolving a meal with fish caught from the opening experience and vegetables from local gardens provides a different experience of 'food'.
Fire here and bake fish
There is not only experience. Even if you're in the midst of a humble jungle, you'll be able to walk through pristine forests, stare at the green seas in a superb view, or sit in front of the blazing firewood and count the stars in the starry sky after the darkness falls. The anxiety in the city that was once disappeared.
You also have to go get your own water bottle.
The next morning, I wake up as if I'm dreaming, and somewhere bewildered for a while. At high tide, the raft experience begins. It is a game in which each tribe boards a raft that is smaller than a raft and returns a buoy floating far away from the sea, assuming escape from an uninhabited island.
Even the scenery of Shihodo <Photo courtesy of Shihodo>
In addition, after the big and small experiences such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, after the retirement ceremony, it is light and unfortunately steps up to the belly.
Swing hanging on the tree. Popular regardless of age or gender!
This is to visit the Naro Space Center, where you can experience the future 180 degrees different from the prehistoric age.
A Mixed Message From a Child to His Parents
Where the dream for the universe grows
Naroho, Korea's first space launch vehicle, started out as a dream. In addition, the Naro Space Center, the birthplace of Korea's space development, and the Space Science Museum for the young people who will be responsible for the future of space are joining. No one can enter the Narrow Main Center, but the space science museum at the entrance is accessible. The theme of 'universe', which can be difficult to feel, can be easily solved with various experiences and attractions to induce interest.
Entrance to the Narrow Space Center
There are permanent exhibition halls on the first and second floors. When you enter the entrance where the cute characters in space suits greet you, three monitors embodying the universe are welcomed.
Entrance to permanent exhibition
Simple space science such as vacuum, gravity, and atmospheric resistance, which are the basic principles of motion in space, can be encountered through various experimental devices. In particular, the Naro Lake model, which has been reduced to 1/3 of its actual size so that you can actually feel the vibration when it is launched, is the highlight of the first floor exhibition!
Space described about gravity
So who is the intrigue on the second floor? It is the international space station where astronauts reside. It is a centerpiece that attracts the attention of visitors, as it is a realistic representation of the interior of the International Space Station, where astronauts stay and perform missions in space science experiments.
Naro Model scaled down to 1/3 of actual size
In addition, there are many things to see, including a world of zero gravity, body changes in space, and a three-dimensional solar system.
Solar system planet which can see in three dimensions
Not only that. Participation in programs tailored to eye level by age allows you to approach the universe in a variety of ways, not just viewing, but also creating, screening, and teaching. In addition, the 4D Dome Cinema, located on the 2nd floor, offers a variety of space image contents and five senses to create a fun experience.
Restroom inside the International Space Station
After experiencing the inside of the space science museum, you can go out to the outdoors where you can relax tired eyes. Instead of Naro, who has finished his mission in space, a full-scale model of the Naro is imposing in the middle of the rocket plaza. Parabolic surfaces (a curved surface that collects sound and radio waves effectively transmit small sounds or radio waves), and abundant sculptures such as communication, solar cells, and sundials make the eyes pleasant.
Space food sealed in vinyl
Shiho Island and Ounaro, where you can experience the five senses, not just the island with only snow. Why don't you go on an autumn trip to this place full of fun not only for family but also for group trips?
1: 1 real size Naro model standing on rocket plaza
Travel info

Address: Shiho-do, Deokheung-ri, Dongdae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeonnam
Contact / Reservation: 010-9254-0888, 010-9386-7004
The Shihodo Primitive Experience is limited to a maximum of 60 people and accommodation for 32 people per day. It is operated by advance reservation and can be experienced in the coming Chuseok holiday.


Narrow Center Center for Space Science
Address: Space Science Museum, 490 Haban-ro, Bongrae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do
Contact: 061-830-8700


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2. Accommodation

Naro Beach Hotel: 94-10, Narodohang-gil, Bongrae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do 061-835-9001

Hotel White Noon: 1675-5 Bongyeong-ri, Dongdae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do / 061-833-8311
Goheung Victoria Hotel: 2736-29, Cheonma-ro, Do screen, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do / 061-832-0100

Boseong Goal Net Pension: 5-56, Nosan-gil, Boseong-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, 061-852-1966, 010-3666-6624


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