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Gochang green barley field festival - Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea


Gochang green barley field festival

Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea

I was worried about the news of the rain all night, but the rain slowly faded away from the highway. I was in a hurry because I wanted to enjoy the morning scenery of the green barley field. The festival tastes good when it's too waxy, but I still wanted to go back to the green barley field. When I had the chance, I wanted to see the fog that covered the barley field and the sun rising through the fog.
At 7 am, thick clouds still fill the sky. Perhaps the view of fog and sunrise is wrong. Still, I'm excited by the smell of dark grass that reaches my nose. After the rain, we go to the green barley field following the thicker spring scent.
Green Barley Overcame Harsh Winter
Barley has grown to his knees. Isaac began to form a peregrine golgol also had a pretty shape. Barley, who has sprouted in the winter and endured the bitter cold, looks like a hunched young man after puberty. There is no fear of the world, 20s dressed in blood.
Blue barley refers to young barley
That is why the barley of April is called Cheongbo. Blue barley does not refer to the species of barley. Regardless of species, all young barley will be cheongbo. Even if the race and skin color are different, all young people are called youth.
Blue barley refers to young barley
Gochang Green Barley Field Festival, Pioneer of Landscape Agriculture
Gochang Cheong Barley Field Festival, which marks its 14th anniversary this year, is one of the representative festivals of Korea. The large-scale farmland producing 400 tons of barley per year, combined with the outstanding landscape, has become the new model of our country, the so-called 'landscape agriculture'.
Rape flowers are another star of the Gochang Blue Barley Field Festival.
You can see the green barley field spread over 3.3 million ㎡ along the hill. It is also fascinating to see it swinging back and forth in the wind.
Blue barley and rape blossoms are unique.
To get a feel for the green barley field, you have to walk. If you slowly walk along the landscape of blue barley and rapeseed flowers, you can feel the spring in the barley that stands in the wind, and the rape blossoms with alluring fragrance.
Blue barley and rape blossoms are unique.
If you have difficulty walking, sit on the pavilions all over the barley field and rest. Close your eyes in the sperm. The sound of the wind and the scent of flowers can be felt better by closing your eyes. If you feel like it, you can sing a barley field.
Mulberry in the movie Welcome to Dongmakgol
Green Barley Field through Storytelling
Also interesting are the themed spaces where you can walk along green barley fields such as goblin forest, tiger king field, and koi pond.
Bamboo shoots that meet in Goblin Forest resemble antlers
The Goblin Forest tells the story that the villagers who couldn't stand the Dobbi's tyranny drove the Goblin into the Great Forest, and bowed the temple to prevent it from coming out again.
The statue of King Sacheon built at the Baekmin Memorial Hall
You can see Ui Jong-gak who belled whenever a ghost appears. Behind the ghost forest, the Sichuan King statue made of stone can be found at the entrance of Baekmin Memorial. The Sichuan King's statue is located in the Baekmin Memorial Hall because the temple was built to contain ghosts.
Jong-gak who belled every time a goblin appeared
The tiger king's field, opposite the ghost forest, is where the tiger hides from the nasty mischief. How grumpy would the ghost hide in the field? A scared tiger model with a scared look at the entrance of the field is funny or sad.
Tiger model met at the entrance
At this festival, this space was created as 'themed roads with stories' so that visitors can find out the stories related to the roads. Follow the paintings on the floor of the promenade and it is interesting to see the story of goblins in the green barley field.
A themed road with a story that depicts a goblin story
Abundant food and sight seeing memories reminiscent of barley
Boats on the barley field walk are filled with barley rice. It is literally delicacy that you can eat fermented rice with fern, lettuce, bean sprouts and mix it with red pepper paste. If you put a strong bachelor kimchi here, there is nothing to be desired.
Barley dog rice cake is a food that brings memories of middle and middle aged people.
There are also barley sprout bibimbap and buckwheat jelly and buckwheat noodles in spring school. Like barley-themed festivities, there are many foods that use barley.
Barley rice cake that is delicious to see
Barley dog rice cakes, which are absolutely supported by the elderly, and barley rice cakes, are considered to be the memories of the days when they were hungry. Barley coffee contains 7: 3 ratio of beans and barley. The aftertaste is better than the average coffee because of this golden ratio.
Not barley tea, barley coffee!
Sweet and sour barley, crispy barley sprout cookies and soft barley fermented bread are ready to sniper children's taste. You can also make and bake barley dog cake directly at the driving site across the green barley field.
Barley fermented bread captivates children's tastes
There is also a farm artifact relic located at the entrance of the festival. Various traditional farming equipment such as threshing machine and mantle, which are rarely seen now, are exhibited, and it is also a place where stories can be heard starting from "when I am young". It is also familiar to the village elders who weaved as supporters of the event in the spacious hall inside the pavilion weaving stupid horses and nets. At Barrett Valley, you can make barley buds with barley buds and barley flutes.
Old men weaving straw in agricultural artifact exhibition
Time travel to Bronze Age, Gochang Dolmen Museum
The theme of this year's Gochang Cheongbori Field Festival is' Gochang, the Korean hometown, loved by Gobo. What does it mean that Korean native is Gochang? Perhaps I'm talking about Gochang's dolmen. Although dolmens are found all over the world, the only ones listed on UNESCO World Heritage sites are the remains of Gochang, Hwasun and Ganghwa. Among them, the largest dolmens are distributed in Gochang area, and the number is over 2,000. Only 447 dolmens are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Gochang.
Exhibits at Gochang Dolmen Museum
The Gochang Indol Museum is a 30-minute drive from the academy farm where the Gochang Green Barley Field Festival is held. In the hands-on learning room on the third floor of the museum, you can experience making fires, painting petroglyphs, and making dolmens. The photo zone, which reproduces the inside of the round zip at a full size, is also impressive. The open-air exhibition room is decorated with a prehistoric village that shows the life of prehistoric people and an experience yard where you can carry cover stones of dolmens that are modeled. If you use the dolmen train, you can meet real dolmens.
Tiled (Southern) Dolmen in Gochang Dolmen Ruins
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Gochang Green Barley Field Festival
-Address: 158-6, Hakwon Farmjang-gil, Gongeum-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Inquiries: 063-564-9897 (Gochang Cheong Barley Field Festival Committee)


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-Farm Farm Restaurant: Barley Sprout Bibimbap / Gongeum-myeon Hakwon Farm Road 158-6 / 063-564-9897
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-Yonggung Sashimi Restaurant: Jukkumi Teppanyaki / 542-1, Shipo-ro, Jinam-gu, Sangmyeon

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