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Gochang Book Village Harry - Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea

Wolbong Village Book Village Harry Bridge

Gochang Book Village Harry

Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea

The school where the children left was lonely for a long time. In the ten years since the school has been awakened, a dense “book forest” has entered and people have come back. In this school, reopened as a book village, numerous stories of “writing together” are written on paper. It's our ordinary but precious story.
Reborn school
Gochang Wolbong Village where you can hear the sound of waves in the distance and see the detailed movement of stars. In 1933, an elementary school entered this small town. A small building was built and children's friendly fauna were found throughout the campus. Many students grew up dreaming in this small course. But in time, Naseong Elementary School closed in 2001.
Transformed from a closed school to a book village
Lee Dae-gun, the village chief of the book town Harry, who had been a publisher in Seoul, thought he had to wake up the sleepy school he had set up. In 2006, he started to build a ruined school with the dream of building a book village. In 2012, he settled with his family.
Autumn mood complete campus
“There are many book towns in Europe. It's a place of tradition with old books. Book Village Harry wants to be a place where you can combine your thoughts, life and stories into one volume. It's a town where you become an author, a real publisher, and a dream come true in a book. ”
Autumn mood complete campus
The squeaky corridor was rebuilt, the classroom neatly refurbished, and the pictures were painted on the walls. Then I put in a book
The dog, Harry's family, “Harry.”
Book Village Harry was born, and Wolbong Village, where more than 20 households lived, rose to life.
Old building
I don't know much about it, but my grandfather, a farming doctor, and my grandmother, a child-raising player, have released their stories, and it remains a precious record.
Onnuri books warehouse with lots of books
Book and noni space
Book village has also entered full autumn. Ivy vines covered with red bricks add to the flavor of the season. Book Village Harry has 120,000 books. Books donated by stations, publishers, libraries, and individuals.
Book Village Harry's Main Space, Book Forest Time Forest
The book forest of book forest time, where books are stacked from the ceiling to the floor, is a heavy time. There is a strange cross between the wooden rafter that is exposed and the books that have been piled up together. Next to the book forest is the Hanji Studio where you can make paper.
Book Village Harry's Main Space, Book Forest Time Forest
When you enter a small house made of paper in the middle of the studio, the soft air is wrapped. There are a few young trees growing beyond the studio windows. There is also a typography in the next classroom. It looks old, but it still works.
Giant letterpress
The “Bulled Snow Library”, which consists of two classrooms, is full of tens of thousands of picture books and children's and youth books. Interesting things happen in the Nuri Book Studio, where people plan books, write, and draw.
Friendly wooden corridor
It is a space full of children drawing their hips on the floor and drawing with their children's passion to learn more.
Dorando is a book-sharing space, willow library
Head to the place where you can hear the roar of chickens.
Library with old blackboards intact
On a full moon Friday, a small festival is held here. The Owls and Small Full Moon Festival is a time to share a fun book story late at night by setting a topic every month. You can spend a romantic time playing music with a recital.
The open air stage where winds blow directly from the West Sea
Book Village Harry's unique space is by far the book book prison. It is a welcome place for those who cannot read a book properly due to lack of time or lack of concentration. When you enter here, you have to read books, but there are a growing number of volunteers!
Oddly, book jails are growing
Book Village Harry has 'flowering minbak' and 'byeolheun minbak', so it's good to stay overnight.
Oddly, book jails are growing
Create a book impregnated with thoughts
Book Village Harry doesn't just read books, he works hard to make things. Participation in the publication camp program makes it easy for anyone to create a book. Well-preserved tidal-flats and wetlands around the book village, dolmens listed on the World Heritage Site
In addition to the travel record, you can also write a book with family events to celebrate, and interview your parents.
Children who make books with the five-stable stabilization method
“When I write an introduction, I ask you to write something like a tombstone that looks back on your life. If you think about what kind of title, what kind of company you're going to go to, you have a specific dream. ”
Yoon Dong-Ho, Experience Team Manager
All the experiences related to books, such as planning, writing, editing, and binding in the traditional way, are packed with people. It is a family of seven book villages, including editor Lee Dae-gun and director Lee Young-nam, including Lee Yuk-nam's painter, Yoon Dong-ho and Kim Min-kyung.
Kim Jong-ja's smile makes her first book
Everything around me and me can be made into books. As we make books, we unleash a lot of thought. In other words, he is meaningful enough to be a book and a library.
President Lee Dae Gun and Lee Young Nam, who established the book town Harry

“I want to be able to write together beyond reading together in the book town Harry. The book slogan, “Everyone's Books, Everyone's Library,” means that everyone can relate to personal thoughts. It's difficult to write alone, so it's 'together', so it's not difficult. ”

President Lee Dae-gun is special in capturing the stories of ordinary people and carrying out the history of books that have been around for a long time.

Book Village Harry Family
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Book Village Harry
Address: 88, Wolbongseongsan-gil, Haeri-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk
Contact: 070-4175-0914


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