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Go to and from the history and legend of Goguryeo, “Naju Video Theme Park” - Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Works taken at Naju Video Theme Park

Go to and from the history and legend of Goguryeo, “Naju Video Theme Park”

Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

If you go from Naju to the West Sea with the Yeongsan River next to you, you encounter an unexpected past. As the old you and the roof gathered at the foot of a mountain, whose name is unknown, and old structures such as castle walls and watchtowers caught the eye, it was indispensable as a travel journalist. This time, we introduce every corner of Naju's treasure, Naju Video Theme Park, which is wrapped around the Yeongsan River. We need to capture the impression of the drama, the scenery of the Naju Plain, and the Yeongsan River, so let's get a big basket called slack.

Naju Video Theme Park began to become famous as the location of Jumong, opened as Samhanji Theme Park, and was renamed as 'Naju Video Theme Park' after undergoing massive remodeling. It is the largest in Korea at about 140,000m2 and has been visited by about 1 million visitors. Inside the park, more than 100 buildings are structured for each theme, and the grandeur of the palace is also outstanding.

I can't say anything except 'Jumong' when talking about Naju Video Theme Park. It is not an exaggeration to say that the first work photographed there lays the cornerstone of the atmosphere of the scene, but the first work here is called Jumong.

At the time Jumong was aired, its popularity was the highest for 25 weeks in a row. It was interesting because it reconstructed the story from 2,000 years ago, not a thousand years ago. Besides, Jumong's narratives that go back and forth between history and legends have attracted the attention of many people because they were relatively less illuminated than Silla and Baekje on the Korean Peninsula, such as China, Buyeo, and Goguryeo. In addition to Jumong, several dramas such as the Kingdom of the Winds, Taewangsa Shingi, Isan, the legendary hometown, Iljimae, and recent Sinui have been filmed here, and the Ssanghwajeom is the representative filming film here. If you are a person who enjoys historical dramas like this, Naju Video Theme Park is a must-visit place, and the more you will be inspired by the historical drama enthusiasts.

If you enter the ticket office at the ticket office, you will find the entrance to the park, Seongru. For a more impressive journey, hypnotize 'I came to 2,000 years ago'. Even the main buildings shown on the guide map were difficult to count, so the steps ahead of the mind crossed the threshold of Goguryeo.

In the first gate, 'Moat', there is a gate that cannot be seen anywhere else. It is a 'gate' designed to lower and raise the bridge over flowing water. According to the guide, it is the only place in the history of our country that the place where the front door existed is called Naju.

Moat of the first gate

After passing the entrance to Haejaseong, works taken here are guided from side to side. Subsequently, the road leads to the sol headquarters. In the drama Jumong, it was also an important place for the founding of Goguryeo in history.

Sol headquarters headquarters

Inside, historical stories about Goguryeo are each briefly displayed. Among them, there is a statement that 'general guns should be called tombs of longevity', and 'general guns' refers to the tombs of generals in China, and it is not true that 'guns' are not proper because longevity king or king gwanggaeto is not general. In addition, there is an art museum where you can touch and feel famous masterpieces.

Myeonghwa Museum of Art

When you leave the sol headquarters headquarters, it is a work of harmony between you and the roof and Park Seok. You and the roof are mainly made of Hwajeon people in a form that is often found in mountainous areas. In such a common atmosphere, there is a main restaurant, so it is possible to prevent the situation from turning back because of hunger.


After the authoring street, go through the second castle gate and go to where the pond palace is located. The small pond is decorated with charming landscaping. The scenery here is a cool view over the pond to the Yeongsan River. It is a picture that I want to hang on the frame, as it goes all the way up and the work around it.

Pond Palace

Over the rounded door, you can see a part of the palace that is not unusual, and if you pass through the door as you are drawn, you can see Goguryeo Palace. I have seen royal palaces in many locations, but unlike the feeling that they seemed to be similar to each other, this royal palace falls overwhelmingly at the same time as its unique dignity meets. Four watchtowers are erected between the Yeongsan River and the royal palace, and between the watchtower and the royal palace, stairs are made from the square to the high royal palace. The ascending dragon was carved in the center of the stairs.

From Pond Palace to Goguryeo Palace

The texture of space or the hierarchy. As if measured with a ruler, the extension lines of the building meet neatly vertically, and the upper and lower spaces also form a phased composition. In addition, major buildings serve as strict standards. It wasn't actually Goguryeo Palace, but it was a dignity itself, recreated with modern technology. I was just standing in front of the Goguryeo Palace. I want to leave the day empty and see the historical dramas I want to run to the last episode, and I only want to run.

Goguryeo Palace from the Watchtower
View from Goguryeo Palace
View from Goguryeo Palace

Taejagung is next to Goguryeo Palace. Inside each building, scenes that were actually shot are displayed, and it is also fun to take a look at each of the props with careful management. After passing through the Taejagung, you can reach the outskirts of the wide park, and you can easily find the 'Shindan', another park observatory. It is a unique building and has a unique architectural beauty.

Goguryeo Palace

When you enter the relatively high standing Shindan, you will be enchanted by a landscape different from the Pond Palace. Along with the Yeongsan River, the day courtyard that adds to the charm of the scenery is good. With the installation of the beam, its taste changed, but fortunately only the tranquility remained in the courtyard.

The beauty of Goguryeo and Taejagung pokes the sky

This is not the end. The uphill of the park naturally leads to a mountain path, but the ridgeline overlooking the scenery behind the mountain is close. If you climb the slope for about 10 minutes, it is a narrow ridge and cool scenery spreads from side to side. Soon after arriving at Jeongja, the scenery of Naju, which surrounds 360 degrees, will enrich this journey. The park looks small in the middle of the landscape. It feels like you're traveling past in the park and then returning to the present and looking down on the past.

West view
East view

The history of about 2,000 years ago is indeed a distant story, and it may not be realistic. When I think of Goguryeo, if it is a concrete figure, I can only imagine the Goguryeo territory drawn on the map of the national history book. However, Goguryeo seemed to be getting closer while looking around Naju video theme park.

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Mihyang Gomtang: Seongbuk-dong, Naju-si, 061-334-2550
Yeongsan Hongga: Yeongsan-dong, Naju-si, 061-334-0585
Youngsan Podae Park Hong-eo: Lee Chang-dong, Naju-si, 061-335-5544
Great Eel: Daji-myeon, Naju-si, 061-336-1265
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Pastor Naju: Geumgye-dong, Naju-si, 061-332-6565
Dorae Village Old House: 06-336-3675, Dado-myeon, Naju-si
The Ritz-Carlton Motel: Daeho-dong, Naju-si, 061-334-9777
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