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Four-color delicacy ramen in downtown Seoul - Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Hanok's modest beauty, '55 Street Ramen '

Four-color delicacy ramen in downtown Seoul

Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

There is nothing to eat when you go out? The answer to your concern, long or short, is ramen. The national snack ramen, which can be boiled for 4 minutes in a pot, is surpassing the preconception of instant and passing through the prejudice of snacking and emerging as a meal. I visited a four-color delicacy ramen restaurant in downtown Seoul that boils with extraordinary taste and strong nutrition and warm emotional soup.

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of ramen in Korea. Ramen, which first came out in 1963, was a substitute for rice at the beginning of the market, but is now loved as a snack as much as stock. Our ramen love, which ranked No. 1 in the world with an average consumption of 72.4 people per person, is colorful and hot enough to be guessed by looking at more than 100 types of ramen. From ramen dishes filled with seafood and vegetables to hot pot ramen with memories, let's meet some of the best ramen restaurants in Seoul's hot places such as Samcheong-dong, Hongdae, Samseong-dong, and Myeong-dong.

Ramen is the most delicious night at 10:06, Ilgongyuk Ramen
Beautiful ramen table suitable for hanok, 55 ramen

The ramen restaurant seems to be delicious if it is on a narrow alley. '55 Street Ramen 'is also on the back of Samcheong-dong, at the end of the Hanok alley. The address of 55-1, Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu was used as it is. When entering the main building across the small yard, Onggi people gather and eat ramen. At lunchtime, nine tables are around without a break.

Samcheong-dong Back Street 55
At 55, Ramen Bulgogi is a traditional Korean bulgogi flavor, ramen noodles made with miso sauce and perilla, ramen noodles with plenty of seafood and vegetables, and ramen noodles with sausages, ham and fried kimchi, as well as cool yellow ramen. Ramen is enough for a meal.
The most popular Champon ramen at 55
The favorite menu for foreigners and children who have come out to Samcheong-dong and their families who go out with them is soft ramen that utilizes our traditional tastes such as bulgogi ramen, local ramen, and yellow ramen. It is characterized by using boiled broth directly without using ramen soup.
Bulgogi Ramen at 55
The most popular is Champon Ramen, which has a spicy taste by adding red pepper seeds to the broth. Shrimp, squid, mussels, and other seafood and noodles are cooked, and the air is cooked, and the soup is rolled up in a broth. It is refreshing and clean enough to forget kimchi or radish. Closed on Mondays due to the large number of guests on the weekends. Champon ramen and Bulgogi ramen are 7,500 won each.
The rice that is rolled up in the soup of Champon Ramen is the most delicious
A place to eat ramen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
As ramen surveyed the most delicious time of day, the result was 10:06 at night. So, the name of this house is ‘Illongyuk’, but fortunately, you can eat delicious ramen anytime, 24 hours a day. It is also unusual to select a menu from a vending machine as much as a sensed name. In the menu, there are bouillon stew ramen, janggeum ramen, seafood ramen, and dubanjang ramen.
It's fun to choose a ramen menu from a vending machine.
While the ordered ramen is delicious, five appetizers are served on the table. It is fun to eat boiled eggs in a small basket and octopus rice in a cute rice bowl and spread peanut butter on a piece of white bread baked in a toaster. Except for the salad with a piece of salmon on it, all the drinks are endless.
Octopus rice and boiled egg, toast and drink are endless refills
Janggeum Ramen is a host of crispy texture and green onion flavor combined with hot ramen soup to create a fantastic taste. The taste of the host's spiciness and the spiciness of the green onion disappears, and the taste of the spicy saenggi in harmony with the bone gravy harmonizes.
If the green onion and the host are crispy
The new menu, Dubanjang Ramen, is an excellent choice for haejang the next day after drinking. The thick, spicy bone-in-the-water broth has a savory and spicy taste, so you can eat the chewy noodles and drink even the last drop of soup. 24/7. Janggeum Ramen and Dubanjang Ramen costs 6,000 won each.
It's a good bean curd ramen
A niche that brews spicy with a spoonful of memorable memories
The post-it, which is tightly attached to the walls and ceiling of ‘niche ramen’, is cozy and friendly like an alleyway into memories of school days. Countless notes of how many people have been there are filled with the unchanging taste of niche ramen and good memories. It's also fun to eat out the memories left by someone while eating Fururu Ramyun.
Post-it sticky inside
Niche Ramen, which started in 1981 between the buildings on the streets of Myeongdong and the narrow gaps, can be said to be the origin of the ramen shop. From the old niche that used to find only regulars because there was no signboard, it has now moved to the 2nd floor of the building in the alley of Myeong-dong and continues its reputation.
It's also fun to see the memories someone has left.
The representative menu of niche ramen is red chicken rice cake. Ramen contains egg, rice cake, bean sprouts, and special spicy red pepper powder. Even today, the recipe that keeps the amount of water, firepower, and precise timing has maintained the taste of 30 years.
Customers coming to eat ramen with memories
Most niche customers are addicted to hot spicy flavors. The red fish cake of the strong fish is spicy enough to stick out the tongue, so you can't eat it except for the pineapple called pineapple and the cold water called duck cushion. This is also why sweet and sour radish and cool cold water made with special sauce are cooler than anywhere else. 24/7. Buckgyetteok 4,000 won
Nippon Ramen, the representative menu of niche ramen
Yang is the true taste of boiling in a pot

Underground passage 8-1 of Seolleung Station on Subway Line 2 is an alleyway that leads to a winding path called 'Hwangto Gunto Dam-myeon Odari'. Since it opened in 1998, it is not far behind the history of ramen shops. The owner, who was named as a soldier who cooks ramen deliciously during the military, received a patent by developing a vegetable water that brewed various vegetables for more than 6 hours, not just the idea of boiling ramen in the army dish.

In addition to the vegetable water that produces a cool soup, Kimchi, which will go out as a side dish for one year, is soaked directly. Banhap Ramen, which contains the memories of the military, contains bean sprouts and sour-ripe kimchi. It is a popular side dish that is not to be missed. During lunchtime, from the 20s to the 60s, it is crowded with office workers looking for ramen with their own memories and nostalgia.
Ramen ramen with ramen memories from men
Odari's menus are served in pots, bowls, plates, pots, and glass measuring cups, but ideas come out every tableware. Different bowls contain ramen with different flavors, such as mild, medium, spicy, and haejang.
Boiled with vegetable water, the taste is cool

Because it uses dry noodles, toppings such as eggs, rice cakes, dumplings, cheese, and sujebi for Oda-ri ramen, called dry noodles, are free of charge. Interestingly, when ordering a large pot for 3 people, the price is discounted for a party sharing ‘Everybody's Ramen’, such as 2,000 won for 4 servings and 3,000 won for 4 servings. Closed on Sundays as there are many office workers. Pot and noodle noodles are 4,000 won each.

The taste of ramen varies according to the vessel
Travel information


At 55: Take the 11th bus from Exit 2 of Gwanghwamun Station and get off at Samcheong Police Box. Cafe Bene Alley
Ilgong Ramen: Go out of Exit 9 of Hongik University Station and go to Hongik University Main Gate from Hongik University Intersection.
Niche ramen: From Exit 8 of Myeong-dong Station, pass the back alley of M Plaza and the 2nd floor of Sungwon Restaurant at the end of Chungmu Gimbap Alley
Ocher Hillside Odari: Seongneung Station Exit 8-1, pass the underpass, and go to the underground restaurant at Sungwon Building

2. Restaurants around

At 55: Champon Ramen / 44-6 Bukchon-ro 5-ga-gil, Jongno-gu / 02-722-2997

Ilgong Ramen: Janggeum Ramen / 10 Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu / 02-3142-1241
Niche ramen: Pakgye Rice Cake Ramen / 19-10, Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu / 02-756-5477

Ocher Hillside Odari: Banhapgeonmyeon / 514 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu / 02-555-4985


Ramen noodles: Ding Ramyeon / 82 Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu / 02-733-3330
Ramen shop bread: Bulgogi Ramen / 39 Jahamun-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu / 02-738-7865
If you are samsook: Miso Ramen / 29 Jongro 11-gil, Jongno-gu / 02-720-9711
Ramen: Singyechi Ramen / 47, Myeongmul-gil, Seodaemun-gu / 02-3147-1021


Tmark Hotel: 15, Chungmuro, Jung-gu / 02-2098-2000


Hotel Atti: 22-1 Seoae-ro, Jung-gu / 02-2279-0131

Hotel Daewoo Inn: 22-2 Sejong-daero 14-gil, Jung-gu / 02-755-8067


Lexy Hotel: 11, Teheran-ro 16-gil, Gangnam-gu / 02-554-5559

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