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Finding the location of the movie <Gyeongju>, Gyeongju - Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Korea

A scene from Arisol in the movie <Gyeongju> <Photo Credit: Invent Stone Co., Ltd.>

Finding the location of the movie <Gyeongju>, Gyeongju

Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Korea

Shin Min-ah said Gyeongju is a “city where life and death coexist”. He added, 'It is not just a place for school excursions during school days.' Hae-il Park said, "I feel physically and mentally healed." The film <Gyeongju> is a work that director Jang Yul traced his travel memories. Along the way, if you walk between the tomb and the tea house, you can find a slightly different race.

The boundary between dream and reality
“Is n’t it strange because I have a tomb in front of my house? In Gyeongju, it is difficult to live without seeing the tomb. ” This is what Gong Yoon-hee (Min-Ah Shin) gave Choi Hyun (Park Hae-Il) looking at the scenery outside the window. In the play, in front of Yoon Hee's house, there is Noseo-ri Tombs, a member of Daereungwon. Daereungwon is home to 23 tombs of kings and queens from the Silla period. It is divided into seven types: Silla Michu Royal Tombs (Historic Site No. 175), Gyeongnam Hwangnam-ri Tumulus Cluster (Historic Site No. 40), and Gyeongju Noseo-ri Tumulus Cluster (Historical Site No. 39). Famous tombs such as Cheonmachong and Geumgwangun are also included. It is characterized by being all on flat ground. In 2000, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Gyeongju Historic District. This is an ambassador that explains the characteristics of Silla's millennium capital Gyeongju.
The film <Gyeongju> was directed by Jang Yul, a Korean-Chinese. He first visited Gyeongju with two acquaintances in 1995. I also visited a teahouse with Chunhwa in the movie. So Choi's journey in the play is Jang Yul's journey to Gyeongju. He was amazed at the blurring line between dream and reality, where the grave and life are naturally linked. It was no different when I first went, when I went back 7 years later, or when I went to shoot. Yoon-hee's house outside the window is a case in point. The building next to Daereungwon was taken at the Youth Guesthouse in Noseo-dong. This is the owner's room in the guesthouse. When you actually open the window, you can see the tomb. Of course, it is the same in other rooms where guests stay. Outside the window, the power pole and the electric pole are dizzy, and beyond that, the tungsten boasts green. I realize the director Jang Yul's words, 'Tombs and life are natural.'
The night scenery of Daereungwon is as beautiful as the daytime.
Arisol, a teahouse that appears in the play, is not far away. It is 500 meters from the Youth Guesthouse. It's Yang, which is a tea house that he hired for filming, but in fact, this is the tea house that Jang Yul saw when he traveled to Gyeongju.
Arisol's wall depicting the spring flower in the movie <Gyeongju>
Find the tea house where Chunhwa was
Arisol is a teahouse with a history of over 20 years. It was first opened with the name 'Shim Oh Hae', and then the owner named it 'Asaga'. Director Jang Ryul discovered Chunhwa during his 'deep misunderstanding'. Currently, it is Arisol with the meaning of 'the heart is always green like a beautiful pine tree'. The third owner, Cho Hee-jung, was named after taking over the tea house two years ago. She has also served as a commentator for the National Gyeongju Museum for 10 years. I first visited Gyeongju in my mid twenties, and stayed for a month as if I had been possessed. After I was twenty-six years old, I got into the race at all.
Cho Hee-jung says that the car is the medium between people.
The first word she gave me resembled Yoon Hee's line in the play. She wanted a cup of Arisol's tea to be a medium between people rather than tea ceremony or tea ceremony. Since the movie <Gyeongju> was released, the number of young guests has increased. Mostly, order and drink yellow tea from where the main character sat down.
Interior view from the room where the movie <Gyeongju> was filmed
Every time a visitor comes and goes, the sound of the scenery is soft, like a movie. There is a scene of heavy rain in the movie. If you find it on a rainy day, you can enjoy a more pleasant mood. The sound of rain outside the window is clear.
The sound of the scenery is at the entrance of Arisol.
The film <Gyeongju> was filmed in Neungpo Teahouse before Arisol. 'Neungpo' is a combination of neung (陵), which stands for the tomb of the king, and po (뜻), which means price. Director Jang Yul asked about the picture of Chunhwa, which he saw at Arisol. As it turned out, it was the work of Professor Ho-yeon Kim, Department of Fine Arts, Dongguk University. Neungpo Tea Garden is the place to find him. This is a tea house run by Professor Kim Ho-yeon and his wife, Lee Il-sun. It is about 300m south of Arisol.
Neungpo Tea Garden, the first filming location of the movie <Gyeongju>
Neungpo Tea Garden is a teahouse that has been known for a long time before filming <Gyeongju>. It was because it was first introduced in 《Travel to Discover the Beauty of Korea》 by actor Yong-Joon Bae. From the day after the book was published, the number of visitors from Japan has decreased. Red ginseng tea was also made to serve Korean tea to Japanese travelers. In <Gyeongju>, a Japanese traveler misunderstood Choi Hyun as an actor and took a picture together, or a scene where he apologizes to Yunhee for a historical apology. Hwangcha and Mangwolsa are also materials from Neungpo Tea Garden.
You can enjoy colorful tea at Neungpo Tea Garden.
The rice cakes made with kimbugak, hwajeon or ramie leaves, mulberry leaves, and nuts served with tea are also specialties of Neungpo Tea Garden. Above all, the advantage of being able to see Professor Kim Ho-yeon's spring flowers. Several works are hung indoors, reminiscent of the exhibition hall. There are several paintings similar to Chunhwa in the movie. I drew 10 chapters and used one of them for <Gyeongju>.
Neungpo tea garden with outside garden
The film <Gyeongju> filmed the first two episodes in Neungpo Tea Garden. Then, when the noise was getting worse due to the construction of a neighbor's house, the location was moved to Arisol. Among the two episodes, there was also a portion starring Lee Il-soon, the owner, but unfortunately it was edited in the movie.
You can find the works of Kim Ho-yeon in Neungpo Tea Garden.
Gyeongju's Radiant Legacy
After leaving Neungpo Tea Garden, it is good to stroll around the Daereungwon District. It is a walking distance. The front of Neungpo Dawon is a burial mound in Dongni-ri with the phoenix. This is the way that Hee Yoon, Choi Hyun, and Young Min (Taehoon Kim) walked late at night. To the right is Noseri Tumulus Cluster, where Yoon's house is located. In the meantime, you can walk through the phoenix road and feel the mood of the tomb. However, you should refrain from going up to the top like the main character in the play.
There are many shelter between the tombs of the Daereungwon.
If you go straight along the road to the south, you will find Michuwangneung and Hwangnam-ri Tombs across the street. Walk along the path through the tombs, facing baekilhong. The night lights turn on at 7:30 in the evening, giving the day and other special moods. But for those who live in Gyeongju, it is also a daily routine. The words that Yoon-hee's friend Da-yeon (Shin-yul Boon) told Choi Hyun, who was surprised by the biker, represent the people of Gyeongju.
“Gyeongju is also a city where people live.”
You should refrain from climbing to the ridge like a scene from a movie. <Photo courtesy, Inventor Stone>
If you want to follow Choi Hyun's steps at the beginning of the movie, you should walk around Bomunho. Cherry blossoms are a beautiful way in the spring, but weeping willows in the summer. The place where Choi Hyun played Tai Chi is Bomun Lake. It is also interesting that the person who played Tai Chi with him is Kim Ho-yeon. The 8-kilometer promenade is also a highlight of the night lighting scene.
Taijiquan scene in the movie <Gyeongju> <Photo Credit: Invent Stone Co., Ltd.>
If you want to find a restaurant in the movie, I recommend 'Jangdokdae'. Choi Hyun is a home from a party attended by Yoon Hee and is good at Cheonggukjang and Sundubu. Kalguksu, which Choi Hyun ate from Yoon Hee's house, is Papalson Kalguksu. It was an inexpensive restaurant that cost 3,000 won per bowl, but it is now gone. There is 'Cheomseongdae Bossam' where the staff of <Gyeongju> ate, which is worth eating.
Red crimson red harmonizes with green mounds
For reference, the movie <Gyeongju> is the starting point of Shinjuju Station, but most places in the movie are close to Gyeongju Express Terminal.
The largest phoenix in the Silla period
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