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Dodeok Mountain, Cloud Mountain, Gahak Mountain

Dodeoksan Entrance Village Mural

Dodeok Mountain, Cloud Mountain, Gahak Mountain

Gwangmyeong, South Korea

In Gwangmyeong-si, there is an elongated mountain path that runs from north to south. It is Jongju-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, which extends from Mt. Dodeok to Mt. Cloud, Gahak-san and Seodok. All are low mountains with an altitude of over 200m.
Although a bit of an uphill trail seems like a frequent walkway, the still and magnificent view of the forest is the same. I want to walk on a mountain path, but when the high mountain is a burdensome day, I head toward Jongju-gil following the low mountains of Gwangmyeong-si.
Dodeoksan Park Shelter
Helping me build a virtue into the clouds
At the top of Mt. Dodeok, Dodeokjeong named it the first of the eight gyeongmyeong views. Although it is a very low mountain behind the town at 183.1m above sea level, it is said that Seonbi, who had been heading to the city to see the past, stayed and talked about virtue.
Local History of Gwangmyeong-si in Dodeoksan Park
The trail is divided into several branches, but from either side you will reach the summit in about 30 minutes. Dodeoksan Park, located nearby, is a haven for residents and visitors. There are artificial waterfalls, fountains, outdoor stages, lawn plazas, and wildflower complexes. Every time there are various events for citizens.
Doukjeong stamp of the 1st view of Gwangmyeong 8 Views
Walk a little further toward the summit and you'll find a pretty well-designed morality. Even if it is low, the view on the moral road is beautiful. Overlooking the summit of Mt. Gwanak.
Dodeokjeong panoramic view

There is a Cloud Mountain Tunnel on the way down from Mt. Next to it is a night town with a special food culture street. There are a variety of restaurants, including Western and Korean food. Some of them are already recognized as gourmet, and many people come to hear the rumors. If you think of the schedule up to the foot of the West Doksan mountain, it is good to go down Dokdeok Mountain and enjoy a meal at night village. In the village of Ante, which is next to the village at night, there is an Ante Ecological Park, which is home to a native flower garden, ecological water purification media, and an ecological forest. Cloud Mountain is located in the center of Gwangmyeong-si and is 237m high and is the highest among the mountains in Gwangmyeong-si. The mountain in the former name Avanturi was called Abangbong, but it was called Mt. The Cloud Mountain Road has several trails. Depending on the course, you can walk a wide range of 8km long and 1km short. The road that leads directly to the summit of Mt.

Cloud Mountain Tunnel direction
Pass through the lush forest path to the edge of Gwangmyeong-si
It's not as high as the name says, but the cloud forest is very cozy. The forest became more dense since it was established as an environmental forest in 2013. As you head to the summit, the noise on the road gradually diminishes, and the lush forest relaxes you like any landscape in the highlands. The charm of Cloud Mountain is that the road is quiet and you can walk quietly and leisurely. In the middle of the easy road, the middle mountain is a mountain. It is not a very steep or very dangerous route, but it is always necessary to step on fallen leaves and finely-grained soil.
Even in the cold winter winds, whenever a drop of sweat on the forehead creates a peregrine vertebra, a shelter with a wooden chair emerges. It's a low mountain, so it's a good idea to take a short break when you start breathing. There are several springs around the mountain. There are seven hiking trails that lead to the summit of Mt. Cloud, which passes different springs along the way, but all are certified as drinking water by water quality test. It is safe and the taste of water is constant so that the people's footsteps can not stop in the morning.
Cloud Mountain Spring
A weak spring near the summit heralds the final ascent. Considering the height and difficulty of the mountain, this is the section where steep dolmen begins. It is hard to come to the temple, stop and look up at the sky, and you can see the roof of Unsanjeong on the summit. Even though this moment is the hardest in the world, it always passes in the blink of an eye. The view below the mountain is different from Mt. The cloud sperm seems to rise to the top like a lighthouse at the top of the island, while the morality is in the middle of it.
Unamjeong at the top of the mountain
Down the mountain along a gentle ridge

Gahak-san is 220m above sea level, about 20m lower than cloud mountain. On the other hand, the distance is 2.5km and the course is long. It can be seen without walking that the road from the summit of Mt. Military units are located on the Gadaksan Mountain and further west of the mountain. A barbed wire runs from the cloud to the other side of the road. There is a no-access zone, so use the designated hiking trails.

Communication resting place between Cloud Mountain and Gahak Mountain
Gahak-dong, where Gahak-san is located, is a town named after the cranes that surrounded the village. Gahak-san is said to have a crane bearing eggs in feng shui geography.
Hiking trail
It is a mining village that used to be Siheung mine. At the crossroads below the summit of Kahak Mountain, the direction of Kahak Mine Cave can be reached, but cave viewing is not possible until April 2015.
The summit and sperm are also located at the top of Gahak Mountain. There is an observation deck on the deck observatory next to the sperm, and a panoramic photo engraved with the names of the mountains viewed from the side. Although it is difficult to distinguish clearly with the eyes, it is possible to glimpse the mountains of Ansan and the sea near the west.
Gahaksan Observatory
The Hassan route from Gahak-san to West Doksan is very short. On the map, there is no official trail to the summit of West Doksan. It is best not to go on rare mountain trails.
Stone tower met on the way to Seodoksan
Follow the milestones toward the summit of Seodok Mountain, and it will not be long before you come to the observatory, where Seodokjeong is located below. The old scholars were named here to read the book. In the future, KTX Gwangmyeong History is visible. It is a good idea to go around Seodokjeong and use the wooden stairs to descend into history. The trails are entangled in several directions, so if you wander around the road, you can go back to Gahak Mountain.
West Doksan Observatory
West German Notice
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Address: Dodeoksan, Cheolsan-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Inquiries: 02-2680-6462 (Gwangmyeong City Hall, Park Green Area)

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