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Danyang. Jecheon is beautiful along the Namhan River. - Chungbuk, South Korea

Dodam Sambong, the 7th of the Danyang Palgyeong

Danyang. Jecheon is beautiful along the Namhan River.

Chungbuk, South Korea

<Full travel path>
Dodam Sambong → 6 minutes by car. 3.5km → Danuriquarium → 15 minutes by car. 7km → Weeping Improvement Property Exhibition Hall → 40 minutes by car. 32km → Cheongpung Cultural Foundation → 5 minutes by car 2.4km → Cheongpung Land → 40 minutes by car. 25km → Uirimji
Shimsan Yugok The green and blue Donggang spanning one hundred and thirty thousand. The river flows around the rocky cliffs of Jeongseon and Pyeongchang and flows around the river. The streams of the water and the surrounding scenery unfolding for a moment keep the people of all seasons unstoppable. Donggang escapes the land of Gangwon-do and shows the status of the Namhan River in earnest. Danyang was located there. Danyangpalgyeong, a superb view that cannot be imitated by human brush strokes, boasting the magnificence and magnificence that only 'Deep River of the Mountain' can show, and it penetrates into Cheongpung Lake of Jecheon, called 'Inland Sea', after passing through Oksunbong and Gudambong. As one of the best clean water cities, Jecheon has a lot to see and eat along Cheongpung Lake. Jecheon, the city where the water is blessed, has another water park comparable to Cheongpung Lake, and is a beautiful artificial reservoir with a history of over 1,400 years.
Dodam Sambong, the place where anyone runs first if Danyang
The old people liked to count their hands, saying, 'What are you doing?' Nowadays, it is said that most of the provinces are talked about, so even though it is considered, Danyang Palgyeong has become famous as a national scenic spot recognized by everyone along with Kwandong Palgyeong.
Dodam Sambong Photo Zone
Dodam Sambong, the 7th view of Danyang Palgyeong, has three peaks floating in the Namhan River, so its shape is mysterious and beautiful.
Dodam Sambong from the observation deck
Born in this area, Chosun Dynasty, the national public relations of Joseon, loved this place enough to make his lake Sambong.
From the Photo Zone to the parking lot
Dodam Sambong can be viewed from the observation deck in front of the parking lot or from the photo zone with the statue of 'Sambong Jeongdojeon' just below.
Deck ramp considering the weak of traffic
As it is a representative tourist attraction in Danyang, it is well equipped with barrier-free facilities. There are parking spaces for the disabled (5), and there are also toilets for the disabled. There is no step between the Dodam Sambong Observation Deck and the park area where the statue of Jeongdojeon stands, so there is no inconvenience in moving.
Toilet entrance ramp
There is a ramp on the road leading to the restaurant area and convenience store in front of the parking lot, so you can use it conveniently. However, the photo zone where the statue of Jeong Do-jeon is standing and the parking lot have a high-level car.
Handicapped Toilet
Danuriquarium, which has entered the same building as the Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal, is the largest freshwater fish ecology hall in Korea, and is full of rare freshwater fish from all over the world.
Danuri Aquarium
It has 170 exhibition tanks, 43 pure water tanks, and 187 species of exhibition organisms, and has more than 22,000 freshwater fish.
Round water tank of Danuriquarium
In addition to the function as an experiential learning center where you can see and look at mysterious and diverse fish in front of you, there are Namhan River Native Fish Exhibition Hall, Library, Fishing Museum, 4D Experience Hall and Reptile Exhibition Hall, and there is also an outdoor exhibition hall where you can see the ecology of otters. The Sky Lounge coffee shop is a great place to rest while overlooking the Namhan River.
Underwater tunnel
There is a parking lot for the disabled (1) in the underground parking lot, and you can enter the aquarium directly from the parking lot.
Rest area in front of the ticket office
There is no discomfort to move around every corner of the aquarium while riding a wheelchair. There are no stairs The aquarium, which is located on the 1st and 2nd basement levels, can be easily accessed by elevator.
Danuriarium Aquarium
There is a disabled toilet in front of the ticket office on the first floor of the basement, and there are wheelchairs (3) and a stroller (6) for rent next to the ticket office.
Also, if you apply in advance, you can also hear friendly and intimate guidance about each tank creature.
Strollers and wheelchairs for rent next to the ticket office
Weeping Improvement Relics Exhibition Hall
In 1983, during the excavation survey of the Chungju Dam Sumol district, artifacts from the Stone Age cultural relics from the late Paleolithic Age excavated from Suyanggae Village in Jeokseong-myeon are displayed.
Weeping Improvement Relics Exhibition
The mossy tunnel that passes through the road leading to the exhibition hall and the narrow and long tunnel that can only pass in each direction depending on the signal are also worth seeing.
Exhibition environment for easy viewing even in a wheelchair
As soon as you enter the entrance, the huge mammoth and rhinoceros fossils in the lobby on the first floor of the exhibition hall meet you.
Lobby Mammoth and Rhino Fossil
The exhibition hall consists of a first exhibition room where you can see artifacts excavated from various caves in the Danyang region of the Old Stone Age, a second exhibition room that collects artifacts from the Middle and Late Old Age, and a third exhibition hall composed of the remains of the Three Kingdoms period, Danyang. It is also unfortunate that the exhibition hall is packed with over 120 photos of caves where you can see the true nature of the caves in the area.
Safety glass floor overlooking the excavation site (Exhibition 2)
There is a parking lot for the disabled (2) closest to the exhibition hall, and a toilet for the disabled is located on the first floor of the exhibition hall. The road from the parking lot to the exhibition hall is smooth and easy to move.
Viewing line leading directly from the elevator (Exhibition 3)
There is a ramp to the left of the stairs in front of the exhibition hall. There is no discomfort in the wheelchair inside the exhibition hall, and the exhibition hall on the 1st floor (Exhibition Hall 1 and 2) and the 2nd floor (Exhibition Hall 3) can be moved up and down through an elevator.
Disabled parking lot near the entrance of the exhibition hall
Cheongpung Cultural Foundation
The Cheongpung area, where the Namhan River flowed, has been a place where cultures have flourished because of its beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. However, as the construction of the Chungju Dam made it a crisis, it relocated the outstanding cultural heritage of the Cheongpung area from 1983 to 3 years and restored it to the Cheongpung Cultural Foundation.
Geumnamru, a foreign ginseng that went to and from Gwana
Hanbyeokru, built in commemoration of King Chungsuk's 4th year of King Chungcheong's (1317) promotion to the military, and Geumbyeongheon, who were the philanthropists of the Cheongpungbu, are beautiful, and in the meantime, they have established a position of audition that was used as a guest for the central officials who came down to the barracks. The story of the golden toad entangled with the golden mouth is also interesting. In addition to this, there are various attractions to see, such as Palgyeong-ru, which is the gateway to the Cheongpungbu, Geumnam-ru, the foreign ginseng that travels to and from Gwana, and several old houses and stone buildings.
Cheongpung Lake from behind
The parking lot is divided into two sections. There is no parking lot for the disabled in the wide parking lot across the road, and there are two parking lots for the disabled in the roadside parking lot near the ticket office.
Geum Byeong-hun, who was the Dongheon of Cheongpung
There are also two toilets for the disabled, and it is recommended to use the toilet next to the tourist information center outside. The road leading to the disabled toilet is inclined and needs assistance from assistants.
Easy walking path for wheelchair users
As the cultural complex is located on the high hill of Cheongpung Lake, there is a steep slope due to the geographical characteristics, so it is difficult to tour the entire cultural complex. You need help from an assistant to look around the Hanbyeokdang. Wheelchairs (3) and strollers (2) are available at the ticket office.
The road from Geumnamru to Geumbyeongheon
Cheongpung Land
This is a space where you can enjoy activities such as the country's largest bungee jump, cable coaster crossing the lake, and sports climbing. It is also a place where you can watch the beautiful sunset of Cheongpung Lake, called 'Inland Sea'. There is nothing to enjoy while riding in a wheelchair, but just looking out at the sea like Cheongpung Lake is attractive enough. The hydroponic fountain soaring to a height of 162m is impressive. The spring and autumn fountain operating hours are 11:00, 13:30, 15:00, 17:00, and 19:30. Unfortunately, from November to March of the following year, the fountain will be shut down to prevent freezing.
Hydroponic fountain, proud of Cheongpungho (Photo courtesy of Jecheon City Hall)
There are 4 parking lots for the disabled and toilets for the disabled at the entrance.
Sunset seen from Cheongpung Land
However, if you want to see the Cheongpung Lake up close, you have to descend to the bottom with an artificial rock wall.
Cheongpung Land Parking Lot for the Disabled
It is an artificial repair facility created in the Three Kingdoms period along with Byeokgolje of Gimje and Fisheries of Miryang.
Millennium pine road created on the causeway
Of the three reservoirs built over 1,400 years ago, only Urimim is currently used as agricultural water for farming. Not only does Urimimji serve as a great repair facility, but the scenery that has been with it for many years has been great, making Jecheon people's resting place and excuse for a scenic spot.
Rest area near the pine tree path of 1000 years
There are trails along the calm lake circumference 1.8 km, and there are various attractions such as artificial islands such as Sunju Island, Rainbow Bridge artificial waterfalls, and Yongchu Falls.
Sunju Island, an artificial island of Uirimji
On the causeway, old pine trees boasted a wonderful appearance and made a millennium pine road.
Rainbow bridge leading to the millennium pine road
On the promenade, there are two pavilions built in Yeonghojeong built in 7 years (1807) and Gyeonghoru built in 1948, adding to the taste of viewing the scenery.
Urimim seen from Rainbow Bridge
There is a parking lot for the disabled (2) and a toilet for the disabled next to Uirim-daero, passing right of the reservoir.
Uirimji Outdoor Plaza
There is also a toilet for the disabled in the outdoor plaza on the left side of the reservoir where the most people gather.
Disabled toilet and ramp on the parking side
When you move to the reservoir after parking, you have to cross the pedestrian crossing.
Uirimji from the outdoor square
The promenade is not too crowded to move in a wheelchair.
Pine Forest in Uirimji
However, to pass the rainbow bridge that meets in the middle and the arched bridge that meets when you return to the outdoor plaza after passing through the waterfall, you need help from an assistant.
Deck road leading to Yongchu Falls
Accommodation information for `` rooms with disabilities ''
The recommended accommodation in Danyang and Jecheon is Cheongpung Resort Lake Hotel on Cheongpung Lakeside. The Cheongpung Resort Lake Hotel is located on a hill with a great view of Cheongpung Lake as its name.
Two facilities are equipped with good disabled rooms. There is no step on all doors, so you can move freely, and a safety bar is installed around the shower, sink, and toilet.
Lake Hotel Handicapped Room
The large mirror in front of the sink hangs obliquely from the bottom even considering the wheelchair.
Toilet in handicapped room
There is a parking lot for the disabled (2) near the door of the hotel, and there is no step on the line from the parking lot to the hotel, so it is easy to move.
Lake Hotel Disabled Parking
'Wheelchair accessible' Restaurants
Across the Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal, there is the 'Daegyo Restaurant', famous for the all-gang soup and soup. It specializes in garlic, deodeok-dol-sotbap, and various spicy soups. There is a ramp at the entrance, and a table is placed in the hall for easy wheelchair access. There is an hour-long free parking area right in front of the restaurant. Be careful when getting on and off because cars pass right next to the parking area. Parking is safer using a public parking lot located on the Namhan River below about 100m.
This is Haejangguk
'Myeongga Park Daljae' located in Jangrak-dong, Jecheon-si is a restaurant specializing in herbal medicine. The pride of this house is to make the best use of the pure natural taste of the ingredients themselves, and 19 kinds of underside dishes are served in luxurious ceramic bowls. It is more convenient to use the upper parking lot than the lower parking lot. There is no step, so it is good to move into the restaurant.
Oriental Medicine Yakbul Bulgogi
On the way to the city of Uilim in Jecheon City, there is a restaurant specializing in domestic raw meat called 'Jongcheon Commercial Branch'. There are a variety of menus, including stew and grilled set with steamed egg, yukhoe and grilled set with gye-saetang, kimchi stew with pork, and meat bulgogi. 'Jongno Business Association Jecheon Direct Store' A gentle ramp is installed in the spacious parking lot, and wheelchair access is free within the restaurant.
Raw meat plate set
Travel information

Recommended travel course (same day course)

first day : Dodam Sambong → Danuri Aquarium → Cheongpung Cultural Foundation → Uirimji

Recommended travel course (2 days and 1 night course)

first day : Dodam Sambong → Danuri Aquarium → Weeping Improvement Relics Exhibition Hall

Second day : Cheongpung Cultural Foundation → Cheongpung Land → Uirimji


-Jecheon Travel Information: 043-641-6731 / http://tour.jecheon.go.kr/

-Tanyang Travel Information: 043-420-3114 / https://tour.dy21.net/home/

-Dodam Sambong: 644 -13 Sambong-ro, Maepo-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungbuk (84-1, Hagyeo-ri), 043-422-3037 (Dodam Sambong Information Center)

-Danuria Aquarium: 111, Subyeon-ro, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungbuk (569, Byeolgok-ri), 043-420-2951 / www.danuri.go.kr/aqua

-... http://suyanggae.go.kr/

-Cheongpung Cultural Foundation: 2048 Cheongpungho-ro, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (Mt. 6-20, Multaeri), 043-647-7003 / http://tour.jecheon.go.kr/

-Cheongpung Land: 6 Cheongpungho-ro 50-gil, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (Gyori 147), 043-648-4151 / https://www.joydesignconstruction.com/

-Uirimji: 33, Uirimji-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (241 Mosan-dong), 043-651-7101 (Uirimji Tourist Information Center) / http://tour.jecheon.go.kr/

Barrier-free information

-Dodam Sambong

* Admission fee: None

* Parking: Yes. Disabled parking (5). The parking fee is 3,000 won for passenger cars and vans and trucks under 4 tons, and 6,000 won for 4 tons or more. Two-wheeled vehicle costs 1,000 won. 50% discount on vehicles with disabilities.

* Toilet: Yes. 1 toilet for each of men and women with disabilities.

* Others: No inconvenience in moving to the observation deck, photo zone, and shopping mall. However, since the road from the photo zone to the parking lot has a slope, it is necessary to assist with the activity.

-Danuria aquarium

* Admission: 10,000 won for adults, 7,000 won for teenagers, 6,000 won for seniors and children. Free admission: National merit, disabled (1 ~ 3 grades), free for preschool children

* Opening Hours: Peak season 09:00 ~ 21:00 / Low season 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed one hour before closing)

* Closed: Every Monday

* Parking: Yes. There is a parking lot for the disabled (1). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. Disabled toilet-1 place opposite the entrance on the 1st floor.

* Others: Rental wheelchair (3 units) and stroller (6 units) are available. Information programs available.

-Folk Art Exhibition

* Admission fee: Yes. Adults and youths 9,000 won, children 6,000 won, disabled 6,000 won.

* Parking: Yes. Parking for disabled people (2) No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. Disabled toilet on the 1st floor.

-Cheongpung Cultural Foundation

* Admission fee: Yes. Adult 3,000 won, youth 2,000 won, children 1,000 won. Free admission: Children under elementary school age, age 65 or older, disabled (1, 2, 3 class disabled persons are exempted from accompanying one), national merit

* Parking: Yes. Parking for disabled people (2) No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. There are 1 men and women with disability toilets outside and inside the cultural complex.

* Others: Wheelchairs (2) and strollers (3) are available for rental.

-Cheongpung Land

* Admission fee: None. free.

* Parking: Yes. There are parking spaces for the disabled (4). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. Disabled toilet next to the parking lot.

* Others: There are no parking spaces or toilets for the handicapped where there are artificial rock walls overlooking Cheongpung Lake.


* Admission fee: None.

* Parking: Yes. Parking for disabled people (2) No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. Disabled toilet in parking lot and outdoor plaza.

* Others: There is no inconvenience in moving the promenade, but when assisting up and down two arched bridges, assistance from an assistant is required.

Move information
Public transportation information
-Special transportation (call taxi) for the disabled
-043-421-7788 (Life Transfer Support Center)
-043-644-5553 (call taxi for the disabled)
Food and lodging information
-Cheongpung Resort Lake Hotel: 1798 Cheongpungho-ro, Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (Gyori 99) / 043-640-7000 (2 rooms for the disabled) / http://www.cheongpungresort.co.kr/

Restaurants near
-Bridge: 043-423-4005 / 9, Jungang 2-ro, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungbuk (606, Byeolgok-ri)
* Main Menu: All-Gang Haejangguk, All-Gang Sesame Soup, Garlic and Deodeokdol Rice, Various Spicy Tang
* Accessibility: Use the public parking lot along the Namhan River. No step

-Myeongga Park Daljae: 043-648-1500,1600 / 50, Sinjuk-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (560-8 Jangrak-dong)
* Main menu: Oriental medicine bulgogi set meal, Korean medicine tteokgalbi set meal
* Accessibility: Parking available. No step

-Jongno Chamber of Commerce: 043-653-0292 / 304 Uirim-daero, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk (15, Cheongjeon-dong)
* Main menu: set of raw meat, set of raw meat sashimi, pork belly set, charcoal fire king rib set
* Accessibility: Parking available. No step.

※ The above information was written in October 2017, and may change later, so please check before you travel.
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