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'Dangjin Embankment, Mug Outing' - Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Jango Port between Seokmun and Daeho

'Dangjin Embankment, Mug Outing'

Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Dangjin tour is very unique. The dyke embankment is one of the “Dangjin 9 Views”. It means that the length of the drive along the seawall is worth it. In the north sea of Dangjin, Daeho Seawall, Seokmun Seawall, and Sapgyo Lake Seawall are connected side by side. The drive route connecting the three embankments of Dangjin is 47 km. On the road of the dyke, there are light spots such as Dangjin's muzzle hanging like Altoran.

Dangjin embankment sprint is strong in Jungjung-dong. Passing the busy marine park, deep breathing is also possible. Dwarf spreads throughout the embankment, stimulating travelers' appetite and curiosity. There is no need to speed up here as a drive. Entering into the open road at first glance, or stopping in front of the milestone, leads to tourist attractions of memories.
Embankment and Embankment Drive
The middle ground of the embankment drive is Seokmun Seawall. Heading toward Seosan from Seokmun Seawall leads to Daeho Seawall, and turning the handle toward Asan leads to Sapgyo Lake Seawall. The place where you meet the secluded port and sunrise and sunset port is the way connecting Seokmun and Daeho Seawall.
Janggo Port Pogu View
Although factories have recently been crowded, the area still retains its old atmosphere. In the past, Seongmipogu had a high reputation as a fishing port, but after the factory entered, Jango Port took over the baton.
Waeguma Village and Namu Deck Road
A muzzle filled with memories and taste
Janggo Port, the first port that meets beyond Seokmun Dynasty, is a business card with special tastes such as ganjaemi and actual party from late winter to spring. Most of all, the nearby ports have been enlarged and improved, while Jango Port here retains the old features. The good-hearted sentiment from the restaurant attached to the port is still the same. At Jango Port, you can taste a sashimi while looking at the secluded sea over the window.
Dobido port view
If you run along the beach after passing Jango Port, it is a Waegok Village, famous for its sunset and sunrise attractions. When the sun changes, people in the village of Waeguma village flock to white. Recently, a wooden deck road along the beach has been created to help the youth walk. The place with the most pensions in this area is Waegok Village. If you personally experience the sunrise scene of the West Sea, which you have only seen and heard in words, you are impressed. The muzzle has become crowded, but in winter, the sun rises over the chrysanthemum on the northern beach of the village, giving unforgettable memories.
Daeho Embankment and Dobido Port

From Waegok Village, you can connect to Dobido Tourist Site via Route 38 and the Great Lakes Embankment. Dobido, which has transformed from an island to a land, is a place where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Dadohae from the West Sea. The sea in front of Dobido tourist spot is filled with islands such as Nanjido, Sozodo and Umudo. There is a large sashimi center in Dobido tourist spot, and there is also a saltwater bath to relieve fatigue. Dobido is also suitable for family experience outings, such as farming and fishing, because various natural ecological resources such as sea, land, and freshwater wetlands are combined.

Philgyong Shim Hoon Memorial Hall
Small shelter next to the embankment

Turn the handle at Waegok Village and head for the Sapgyo Lake Embankment. Unlike the way to the road, the way to return is not the sea, but the scenes exposed in the lake become friends. After the construction of the seawall, migratory birds fly over the calm surface of the lake. As you moved to Songak IC, the novelist Sim Hoon's old house, Pilgyeongsaek, was located. It is the place where he wrote his representative work, Sangroksu. The Pilgyeongsa Temple contains the Simhun Memorial Hall, the birthplace, and sculptures symbolizing evergreen trees. The West Sea Bridge, which is overlooking from the courtyard, crosses the boundary between the Sun and the West Sea.

Hamsang Park
Sprinting along the embankment marks the end of Sapgyoho along Route 38. Sapgyoho Seawall is the older brother of Dangjin Seawall. As for many years, Sapgyoho tourist spots are quite busy. There is also a ship park and a marine themed science museum, and a lively fish market is also visible. An amusement park was also located nearby. A distinctive standout is a ship park composed of two retired battleships. You can have time to enter the traps that have been put into action and have a glimpse into the life of the quarters of the Navy and Marine Corps, or touch and experience weapons and equipment such as cannons and radars.
Sapgyoho Marine Theme Science Museum
The Dangjin Embankment is not far from the metropolitan area. The beaches are changing from year to year as factories are steadily entering the neighborhood. If you want to encounter the old mood in the memory of your memories, it is better to start right now.
Sapgyoho Fish Market
Travel information


* Self-driving

Seohaean Expressway Songak IC → National Road No. 38 → Seokmun Embankment → Daeho Embankment

* public transport

From Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Nambu Bus Terminal, there are frequent buses to Dangjin, 1 hour and 30 minutes. Direct bus service from Incheon, Cheonan and Daejeon terminals

2. Restaurants around

Dr. Woo Rong: Urun Ssambab / 7439 Seohae-ro, Sinpyeong-myeon, Dangjin-si / 041-362-9554

Beach Association Center: Baksokmilguk Nakjitang / 9, Nanji 3-gil, Seokmun-myeon, Dangjin-si / 041-353-3832

Lighthouse Sashimi: Ganjae-mimi, Silchihoe / 301 Janggo-ro, Seokmun-myeon, Dangjin-si / 041-353-0261


Terase Accommodation: 7-22, Seokmunhaean-ro, Seokmun-myeon, Dangjin-si / 041-352-9500


Waegok Pensionville: 33-6 Seokmunhaean-ro, Seokmun-myeon, Dangjin-si / 041-353-0418


Dangjin Hotel: 192, Banchon-ro, Songak-eup, Dangjin-si / 041-356-5757

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