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Gokseong-gun, Jeonnam, Korea - Colorful transformation of abandoned back road, Gokseong Tukbang Market Tour

One sunny day Ttukbang Market <Picture Credit. Gokseong-gun Office>

Colorful transformation of abandoned back road, Gokseong Tukbang Market Tour

Gokseong-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Gokseong-gun. It is the place where the valley and the ashes were born as designated. Clear water and green mountains spread out everywhere. In recent years, there has been one more attraction in addition to the Qingsu Mt. Ttukbang Market, which enters once a month, is its main character. About 50 teams of sellers sell handmade crafts and jeonjeonburi on Gokseongcheon Ttukbanggil. Let's go to Gokseong Ttukbang Market, which is being reborn as 'the field of Jeolladomin unity'.
Gokseong Train Market Ttukbang Market
Gokseong Dangbang Tukbang Market is a new flea market that opened in May. On the last Saturday of every month (2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from 2017), guests are welcomed for 5 hours on the Ttukbang path lined with cherry trees. Ttukbanggil, which has been abandoned for a long time because of its distance from major tourist attractions, began to enjoy its heyday with the arrival of Ttukbang Market. It played a big role in urban regeneration by helping tourists in the town limited to train villages. Tourists can also enjoy the unique atmosphere of Gokseongcheon, so there aren't any two birds.
The road is not difficult. After setting the destination as Gokseong Train Village Traditional Market, you can park your car at the luxury building next door. When you get out of the car, you can see the crooked path with yellow sunshade behind the market. You can also take a bus instead of driving. It is only 500m away from Ttukbang Road and can be reached on foot.
A rainy course
On rainy days, the place is moved to the traditional market instead of the open air path. Since the traditional market operates for 5 days, the interior is usually empty. Even if you move indoors, the yellow sunshade, a symbol of Ttukbang Market, hangs on the ceiling.
Ttukbang Market moved to traditional market
Why is it a yellow cloth? The answer is simple. This is because the yellow goes well with the fresh green of the cherry tree and the clear sky. There is also a reason that the soft and warm feeling of yellow is a good match with the image of Ttukbang Market, which is connected with local residents and tourists and has emerged as a place of communication.
Various items in Ttukbang Market that attract visitors
The opening is at 2 pm. It is a good time for tourists to have lunch after visiting the nearby train villages.
Various items in Ttukbang Market that attract visitors
Nevertheless, excessive procrastination should be avoided. You will come to see only the empty stand. If you have something you want to buy, we recommend visiting at the opening time.
Various items in Ttukbang Market that attract visitors
Most of the items sold here include diffusers, plaster fragrances, candles, mini-blocks, fairy tale books and baby clothes, but rarely duplicate items. Even if duplicated, each seller's personality is melted in the item, so it is fun to compare.
Various items in Ttukbang Market that attract visitors
Sellers come and age as much as personality. The story of a man who runs for an hour in Jeonju to participate in the Ttukbang Market while operating a nail art shop is his main job.
Various items in Ttukbang Market that attract visitors
Most of them have experienced steadily from the first time, and surprisingly, there are few cases where a separate offline store is operated. If you like the homemade cookies, you can't stop by at any time.
Pretty Jellyflower
A housewife who sells homemade cookies at the Ttukbang Market laughed wildly, saying, “If you respond to the occasional business, you may be able to open a store if you respond well.”
Various homemade cookies
There are also young couples who sell their newborn babies. The cookies they sell are baked directly, and the rice cake is taken from a father-owned mill. As soon as they were born, the baby's eyes were painted here and became mascots.
Pretzel eating in line
Some sellers chose to return home from the dentist's life. After taking free aroma courses for farmers, the company began to make and sell natural cosmetics such as moisture cream, cleansing oil, lip balm and toothpaste. The shelf life is not long enough to make products even on the morning of the market. The reason for this simple business is to see a younger man at an age when his head is grayed out. Hopefully later, if you have a big child, you thought, 'Mom did something for me.'
Handmade fruit
Ttukbang Market
If you talk with people like that, you will quickly find hunger. It is basically adjacent to the traditional market, and there are plenty of foods to eat at reasonable prices such as red bean kalguksu, anchovy noodles, tteokbokki, tempura, and pretzel. Among them, on the sunny days, they are lined up in a line of instant noodles, sweet tteokbokki, and assorted tempura.
Tteokbokki sold with hotteok
The slightly felt genus is soothed with homemade lemonade from a young couple with a newborn baby. It's not too sweet, but it's fresh.
One of the best snacks
The charm of Ttukbang Market is its low price and warm heart. Homemade snacks don't cost more than 5,000 won, and crops grown directly in the field are sold at a much lower price than the market. Calculations are made in cash only and sellers write receipts upon request. If you spend more than 10,000 won, you can get a prize by submitting a receipt to the organizer's table. Gifts of the day were buckets and fabric softeners.
Making lemonade on the spot
Live bands that increase the tempo of shopping are another specialty of Ttukbang Market. Unconsciously, Oga makes their steps lighter. Some people sit in front of them and enjoy witty progress and skillful playing.
Making lemonade on the spot
Seomjin River Train Village
If you still feel sorry, you can take a tour around Seomjin River Train Village. I visited in early October when the Gokseongsimcheong Festival was held.
Farm Market selling grain and agricultural products
As usual, if you break the ticket for 3,000 won, you can explore the beautiful rose park, the theme booth where you can experience various things, the local restaurants selling Gokseong's agricultural products, and the farm market.
Tasting Grilled Mushrooms
The best part is a bunch of 3 million roses of 1,004 varieties that wear Yongke peaks despite the pouring autumn rain. Yellow, pink, red, white, and orange are all fun to see.
Homemade Sesame Seeds and Sesame Oil
In spring, the World Rose Festival is held here. It's not a waste to see a rose only.
A rose park full of flavor
When you go around the wheel of a train village, you encounter small happiness. Laughing in the small landscapes such as the words “Let our family be filled with good things” written on the wishes or the soap bubbles flying around, the children gathering around the Piero, the lovers who swear by eternal love and the drums of hope. Comes out.
A wish
If you are planning a more rich trip to Gokseong, take a Gokseong Tourist Taxi (1522-9053). The taxi, which runs a total of six courses, is useful because the route can be changed on request. The pilot will be in full operation from March next year.
Children gathered around soap bubbles
Travel info

Gokseong Train Market Ttukbang Market
-Address: 208, Eupnae-ri, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
-Hours: 2pm-7pm / 4th Saturday of every month
Contact: 061-360-8758

Seomjin River Train Village
-Address: 232, Train Village, Ogok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
-Hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm / Open year round
Inquiries: 061-363-9900


Gokseong Train Village Traditional Market
-Address: 856 Gokseong-ro, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
-Hours: 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 days per month (5 days)
Contact: 061-363-9002

Restaurants near
-Palace Hall: Hansiksik / 54, Jungang-ro, Gokseong-eup, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do 061-363-1539

-Balcheonji Garden: Euneohoe, Chamgetang / 1266 Seomjingang-ro, Ogok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do 061-362-8746


-Sumjin River Train Village Rail Pension: 232 / 010-2655-9126, Train Village-ro, Ogok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do

-Chaewondang: 217-28, Train Village-ro, Ogok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do / 010-5001-0071


Written by Yang-Young Lee, Reporter, Korea Tourism Organization

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