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Camper misses island 'Shinan Amtaedo Mongdol Sea Campground'

Mongdol Sea Campground overflowing with blue sea

Camper misses island 'Shinan Amtaedo Mongdol Sea Campground'

Sinan-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

Summer is crowded with people everywhere. If you're looking for a camping spot to enjoy the summer, head to the island. A day of bathing on a secluded beach, picking up seashells, walking and paddling, and falling asleep in the sound of calm waves. And when you open your eyes until the morning when the blue sea is full of tents… . The summer you dream is there.

Fluttering on board a tent
Sinan is a country on the island. The island is composed of 1,004 islands, including 72 manned islands and 932 uninhabited islands. Among the countless islands as the stars in the night sky, the dark attitude is attracting attention among campers. This is because the Mongdol Sea Campground, which is popular with camping families, is located on the island.
Mongdol Sea Campground is different from the journey. First, put a tent and body on the boat. And he goes through the scenery of the archipelago. Even if you are overwhelmed, you will leave the Songgong Dock and travel for about 25 minutes. 5 minutes drive from the marina to the camping grounds. Along the way, the landscape of the nostalgic island spreads out. It is accompanied by a salt field with the sun's passion and a tidal flat engraved with an S-shaped waterway. Beyond the salt fields and tidal flats, these islands cast shadows.
Carry a tent and a body and go through the landscape
‘夢 -bar’ campsite telling dreams
Mongdol Sea Campground is set on a hill leading to the beach. The cascading site on a steep hill overlooks the sea. Against the sea, I can't wait to play tents.
Overlooking Mongdol Beach is a camping beach
The island had a thousand faces. 365 days of changeable island weather offers a different landscape every day. Ocean view of Mongdol Sea Campground is nothing to be bored during your stay. The ocean view of an expensive hotel is not envious.
Happy to wash dishes at Mongdol Sea Campground
The Mongdol Beach overlooking the tent is a private camping beach. Even if the 24 sites of the campsite are full, the beaches are generous.
An ocean view no less expensive than a hotel
The fun is endless. Rias beaches are safe and enjoyable beaches. The drained and exposed tidal flats are transformed into ecological experience sites. Sea crabs, shellfish and fry fill the tidal flats. When you play with her, your whole body will improve with a natural mud pack.
Sora is a fist
Between the drained and exposed tidal stones, the seashells with only bumps and knuckles are the best. It's fun to catch, but the taste of boiled beef and seashells is also good.
Living Eco Experience Center
The offshore campsite is a fishing spot. Various fish are caught depending on the season such as black sea bream, rockfish and conger eel. That's why fishing camping enthusiasts line up.
Living Eco Experience Center
The Mongdol Sea Campground opened in 2012 and is celebrating its third year. Captain Choi Myung-sin wandered around the country for a year in search of a camping site and met there. It was the place where my son and I sketched and dreamed.
“夢 -bar” campsite for dreamers
The Mongdol Sea Campground is more commonly referred to as the "Monba". Mongba is also a short word for Mongdolsea, but it is a compound word of dream “mont” and the adverb “bar” which means “can” in German. In other words, “夢 bar” means you can dream. It is a camping ground where people dream and they want to be a camping ground where people can design their dreams and go back.
Beautiful Mongdol Beach
Evening sunsets at Mongdol Beach are sweet as dreams. You fall asleep with the gentle sound of the waves, and when you open your eyes, the sea flows in front of the tent. The laughter of the children spreads like the sun.
Evening sweet sunset
Happiness to enjoy four islands at once
Dark attitude is also the starting point for island trips. Four islands are connected by bridges: Amtaedo, Jaeundo, Palgeumdo, and Anzado. You can enjoy all these islands by boat. Crossing Eunam Bridge is Jaeundo. Jaeundo, which means “kind and gracious,” has picturesque beaches running along the island. Particularly popular are the sloping beaches with gentle slopes, lush pine forests, white sandy beaches with white sand beaches, and dune villages where you can experience lily digging and frying nets.
Amtaedo finds a lot of Chupo beach. The 2.5km outcrop that appears at low tide is a landmark of Chupo. Both sides run out of the outcrop. Crossing Jungang Bridge to the south from Amtaedo leads to Palgumdo. There is a three story stone pagoda at the entrance of Eupri village, located in Palgeum-myeon. It is believed to be a pagoda of the Koryo Dynasty, and a small island is approaching greatly in the face of more than a thousand years.
Kim Hwan-ki's Birthplace
Andzado Island, located at the bottom, is the most hidden area of the four islands. Kim Hwan-ki, called “Picasso of Korea,” was born and raised here. His birthplace is in Eupdong-ri, where his childhood memories of nourishing his work are difficult. In Bangwol-ri, there is a dolmen, a bronze age tomb. Beyond the dolmen, the village stone path naturally follows.
Bangwol-ri Dolmen
The beauty of Anzado is “Angel's Bridge. Anzad is also a bridge between Park Do-do and Banwol-do. It is 1,462 meters long. Walking on the bridge makes you feel like you're walking on the sea. It is good to see sunrise and sunrise.
Sights of Anzado, Angel's Bridge

The boat going to Amtaedo operates from 7:00 am to 7:50 pm every hour. If you take a car with you, line up the car first, following the sign for Amtaedo, and call the car number to go to the ticket. You must bring your ID. If you have a lot of cars to board, you have to wait a few hours, so it is best to use the boat early. The fare is 3,300 won each way, and the fare for passenger cars is 15,000 won (inquiry: Sinan Agricultural Cooperative Ticket Office 061-271-0090). Currently, a new millennium bridge that connects Abroad and Amtaedo is under construction to be completed in 2018.

Another nostalgic island scenery
Travel info

Mongdol Sea Campground
Address: 139-63, Jinjakji-gil, Amtae-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeonnam
Contact: 061-262-8872


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2. Accommodation

Blue Motel: 669-12, Bokyong-ro, Abhae-eup, Sinan-gun / 061-271-8966
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Charcoal Kiln Jjimjilbang: 200-5 Daebul-gil, Abhae-eup, Sinan-gun / 061-271-0774

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