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Blue waves run over Samcheok's winter sea - Samcheok, Gangwon, South Korea

Chuam Beach seen from Chuam-Jungsan Coastal Trail

Blue waves run over Samcheok's winter sea

Samcheok, Gangwon, South Korea

Listening to the group's blue sky song, `` Winter Seas, '' I miss the winter sea so much that I want to leave right away. I remember going to the sea long ago listening to this song. The bitter sea breeze and cold winds up the body, but the deep blue sea and the dazzling white waves dig into the chest. The winter sea meets comfort and hope more than beauty. The waters of Samcheok, Gangwon-do have the most beautiful colors and have cute beaches and coastal roads. Let's meet the winter sea along Samcheok's coastal road that leads to the coast instead of National Highway 7.

Samcheok begins, from Jeungsan Beach to Alley Beach
Samcheok's sea begins at Jeungsan Beach. Jeungsan is a village nestled between Chamjae, which leads to Chuam, and Wowsan, which passes to Samcheok Beach. The beach just over 200m ahead of the village is named Jeungsan Beach.
There is a coastal trail connecting Chuam Beach and Jeungsan Beach in the East Sea. It is a short walk of less than 300m along the coastal cliff, but it is an observation point where the landscape of candlestick rock, which is a specialty of Chuam Beach, and the surrounding rock formations unfold. If you drive by car from Jeungsan Beach to Chuam Beach, you have to travel at least 4km long.
Jeungsan Beach
Santa Rosa is the only cafe on Jeungsan Beach. You can eat as well as a variety of drinks. If you sit by the window, you can see Jeungsan Beach. It is a good place to enjoy a cup of tea while looking at the winter sea.
Santa Rosa window at Jeungsan Beach
Santa Rosa is also home to a homemade burger. From hamburger buns to patties.
Homemade burgers in Santa Rosa
In order to move from Jeungsan Beach to Samcheok Beach, you have to go over one head. When you pass from Samcheok Beach on the other side, Gwiam Park, Suwon Park and Chuam Beach are the must-see points.
Lovers on Samcheok Beach Looking at the Ocean
Samcheok Beach is visited by many Japanese. This is because Yon-sama Bae Yong-joon is the filming location for the movie Staring Out. The original name was backward beach, but changed to Samcheok beach because it was not good. The small beach that goes further south from Samcheok Beach still remains as a small backward beach.
Samcheok Beach Sculpture
There are many cafes on Samcheok Beach where you can spend a relaxing time. Among them, one cafe decorated with sky blue is outstanding. It is a sea pepe that means “a cafe in front of the beach.” The “I love you” sculpture of Samcheok Beach is directly overlooked. The interior is impressive, with two windows on the right side of the cafe, allowing me to look out through the window.
Serve homemade cookies and cakes to match your coffee. Cookies and cakes made by the owner are popular with travelers looking for a buffet.
Samcheok Beach Bamp
Samcheok's representative coastal road is the Millennium Coastal Road. The road was built to commemorate the Millennium in 2000. The road along the coastal cliffs makes the landscape quite impressive. There are always coastal roads bent along the coastline, as well as cool waves that drive off the seashore and the shore. The Millennium Coastal Road runs about 5 km from Samcheok Beach to Samcheok Port.
Millennium Coastal Road and Ocean Landscape
The Beach Sculpture Park and the Tower of Hope, where you can see a variety of sculptures, serve as a shelter as well as a sunrise spot for Samcheok.
Sunrise seen from the Tower of Hope on the Millennium Coastal Road
From the center of Samcheok, Gungchon to Yonghwa Beach
When you exit the Millennium Coastal Road, you will see National Highway 7 toward Uljin. Follow Samcheok-ro instead of National Highway 7, which is like an expressway at Obun Intersection. Samcheok-ro, the old national road, is the way to meet Samcheok's most beautiful seas, from Alley, Gungchon, Munam, Chogok, Yonghwa, and Jangho Beach to Gopo, the southern edge of Samcheok.
Gungchon to Yonghwa is a famous section for marine rail bikes. Rail bikes are famous, but few people find coastal roads from Gungchon to Yonghwa Beach. Crossing Gungchon Bridge, you will find coastal roads leading to Wonpyeong Beach, Munam Beach and Chogok Port. The road runs alongside marine rail bikes. As you approach Chogok Harbor, you can see the observation deck on the rocks. It is worth noting because there is a bow-shaped Moonam beach, the surrounding sea rocks, Chogok Harbor Breakwater, and a rock that resembles a Maison Samjon Buddha with a coffin.
Maison Samjonbul Rock on Munam Beach
Chogok Port is the home of Montjuic's hero, Marathoner Hwang Young-jo. Overlooking Chogok Port in Hwang Yeong-jo Memorial Park, set on the hill of the village.
Chogok Port, the hometown of Hwang Young-jo, the hero of Montjuic
From Chogok Port to Yonghwa Beach, there is more than one big pass. It is also known as mal soup. Malgukjae Summit is the best view point of Samcheok overlooking Yonghwa Beach and Jangho Port. Horses carry people and roll their feet against the seascape. The scenery is as beautiful as the legend this winter.
Yonghwa Beach and Jangho Port from the Top
Samcheok's Edge, from Galam to Gopo Village
Galnam Port is a secluded fishing village located south of Jangho Port. At one time, many ships gathered to be the mother port of Taichung fishing boats, but now it is just a fishing village. Before you enter Galang Port, take a look around the roadside deck. There is nothing beautiful about Wolmido, Gaetbawi Rock, calm blue sea, Galnam Port and village scenery. The water in the harbor is also transparent enough to see the bottom.
Galnam Port with Beautiful Water and Village
If you go down the path from Galnam Port, you will pass through Haesindang Park to the officers. Behind the executive port is the Nambu Volcano Hunhwa Park. There is a small road leading to Namhwa Volcano just before the officers' office. The road to the top of the park is also difficult. It is a narrow cement road that reaches 2.5km and is very steep. But if you reach the top as hard as you can, the open sea is waiting for you. The promenade is made with various sculptures based on the story in Samguk Yusa.
Sculpture of Waterway Women's Memorial Park
Passing officers is Wondeok-eup, the last home of Samcheok. As soon as you cross the Wolcheon Bridge from Wondeok-eup to Hosan Intersection, turn left and follow the Gigokcheon Stream, which leads to Wolcheon Beach and Gopo Village. Across from Gigokcheon, a huge gray structure catches the eye. LNG production base is located. Side by side with the gray structure, Sol Island, famous for being photographed by British photographer Michael Kenna. As the LNG production base enters, only Solsum remains, but the surrounding area is desolate. It is even more sorrowful than ever when the LNG production base enters Solseom, which was at the center of the legal battle against Michael Kenna's photographic copyright issue.
Solseom on the way to Wolcheon Beach
Passing Wolcheon Beach, you will reach Gopo Village, the end of Samcheok and the beginning of Uljin. North is Wolcheon-ri, Wondeok-eup, Samcheok-si, and Nagok-ri, Buk-myeon, Uljin-gun. Area codes are different and each polling place is different when dialing one street. It is a place where you can feel a special feeling even though there is no special sight.
Gopo Village
Dohwasan Garden, behind Gopo Village, is a park that has planted barren trees, which are colored in pink during summer, in the ruins of a forest fire. On top of the park are gazebos and benches. Here you can see the national highway No. 7 that connects the East Sea and North and South.
View from Dohwa Garden
Travel info

Millennium Coastal Road
Address: 86-3 Gyo-dong, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
Contact: 033-572-2024

1. Nearby restaurants

Sea Sashimi Restaurant: Gomcheokguk / 88, Sacheonnyeon-ro, Samcheok

Buil Makguksu: Makguksu / 7, Pyeongdeung-gil, Samcheok-si / 033-572-1277

2. Accommodation

Moon Motel: 174-49, Jungang-ro, Samcheok-si / 033-572-4436

Sol Hyanggi House: 3874-29, Samcheok-ro, Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si / 033-575-0628


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