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Autumn trip to Gokseong with the last string of the Seomjin River

Seojinjin River's last boat

Autumn trip to Gokseong with the last string of the Seomjin River

Gokseong-gun, Jeonnam, Korea

The mother told her that she grew up in a village with watermelon-flavored fish. The child he wants to see goes to his mother's home in search of his mother's home. Climb a small boat and cross the clear, calm stream. And beside him is a man who misses her as much as a child. The love story of a man who has a knife with his wounded heart and a woman who loved him began with the filming site of KBS drama Iron Man, Gokseong Seomjin River.

What is love? How long has humanity wandered in search of “it” that is invisible and untouched? Doesn't everyone have their own love. Here is a man trapped in a long love. Hong Bin (Lee Dong-wook) is the hero of the drama <Iron Man> on KBS-2TV. Hongbin is having a long time with Kim Tae-hee (Han Eun-jung), the daughter of a stationery shop who first met her. We are still waiting for our first love, whose life and death are unknown. Then one day, a spear appears in front of him called Taehee. Hong Bin, who didn't even know the life of his first love, leaves with his son, Chang, to the hometown of Tae-hee, whose fish smells like watermelon. Oji village in Seomjin river and Jirisan, Gokseong, Jeonnam.

Gokseong, a valley village in Seomjin and Boseong
Gokseong with Seomjin River and Jirisan Mountain. The tea comes from the name 'Valley' village. In fact, Gokseong is a mountain village with stems of Seomjin and Boseong rivers. Due to this natural condition, Gokseong, which was considered as an underdeveloped area, began to emerge as a tourist attraction because of the nature, Seomjin and Boseong rivers. In addition, 'Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village' and 'Sumjin River Rail Bike', which were made by utilizing the Jeolla Line, which was closed, added explosive power.
The reason why I found the song this time was to meet Seomjin River Joolbae in the drama. Was it because of the dignity of the scene of crossing the river that was spraying and visiting Taehee's hometown of first love? Thanks to some hints from the drama, the place was reduced to Seomjin River. In addition, Seomjin river rope boat was only difficult to find because it remained only in Gokseong.
Seomjin River wets calm water and Hunan
The rope boat, as its name implies, is a boat that crosses both sides of the river and pulls the rope. Expectations were added that if it was a deep mountainous area where you could rely on a ropeboat instead of overflowing tourist spots and overflowing people, you could rest there. Seomjin River rope boat connects Seokjin Village and Hogok Village with a stream of water in between.
Steam locomotive from Seomjin River Train Village
Life of Hogok Village, Seomjin River
The last rope of Seomjin River. What a fascinating name for an outsider. If you go down Seomjin River from Seokgok Village bus stop, you will see Hogok Naruto. When traveling by car, you can type ‘slump garden’ into the navigation, park it on the ground and cross the street. You will see the bus stop right away. If you go down the river, a rope boat, which was not visible on Route 17, will appear 'salt'.
Journey to the Hoegoru
To go to the village across the river, go to Dugok Bridge to the south and Pong Pong Bridge to the north. If you own a car, it will save you some time, but nothing can follow you. It takes more than an hour to cross the bridge from Hogok Village and cross the bridge along the 9th province road to the Seokjeong Village bus stop.
Journey to the Hoegoru
For the villagers of Hogok village, the worship is life. It is really useful to reach the bus stop just across the river by boat. Wait a minute here, and wonder why the only ropeboat left on the stem of Seomjin River, which is over 500 Li, remains here in Gokseong. Simple. Gokseong itself is a valley surrounded by Seomjin River, Boseong River, and Jirisan Mountain, and Hogok Village, located across from Seomjin River, is a real Oji village. There were also fewer residents, so there were no bridges, and a real life rope was left.
I see a rope that was invisible on Route 17.
It is a definite clue that the outsiders feel pitiful and lyrical to the river trunks, but it shows the poor life to the residents here. If you're across the street, don't worry. If you pull the line, the ship comes across alone.
I see a rope that was invisible on Route 17.
Gokseong travel point, Seomjin River train carrying love
Now that you've watched the ropes, let's look around the stems of Seomjin River. At Seokchi Station, you can enjoy rail bikes using the closed section of Jeolla Line. A rail extends along the stem of Seomjin River. It is more popular with young people because it can see the bare skin of Seomjin River more dynamically.
Seomjin River train village built in old Gokseong station
If you are concerned about UV and leg muscles, head to the Seomjin River train village between Gokseong Station and Home Station and get on a steam locomotive. A Sekan steam locomotive that runs on Jeolla Line, which is not currently operated, runs along Seomjin River.
Memories snacks sold on steam locomotives are popular
The summit of the Seomjin River spreading out of the window is the best. When you get on the train, a brief commentary also adds fun to me.
Memories snacks sold on steam locomotives are popular
If you want to use both Seomjin River Rail Bike and Seomjin River Steam Locomotive at once, take a steam locomotive at Gokseong Station or Home Station and get off at Seokgok Station. Seomjin River rail bike runs from Seokgok Station.
View from the steam locomotive
One more thing, if you want to go to Seokjin on weekends, if you want to enjoy the Seomjin River train and rail bike, you can make a reservation online. The Seomjin River train village, which is also considered as the “Star of Korea Tourism,” is visited by many.
View from the steam locomotive
Don't miss the rose park of Gokseong Station Seomjin-ga Train Village. There is a separate entrance fee for the train village (3000 won). You need an admission ticket for a train village to go into Gokseong Station and book tickets for Gokseong ~ Home round trip.
Seomjin River Rock Bridge
The seats are divided into mountain scenery and strong scenery, but for subway type seats, you need to reserve the scenery for the mountain scenery side and general train type seats to look around Seomjin River.
Sumjin River from the Seomjin River Rock Bridge
If you are departing from Gokseong station, give yourself 30 minutes at home station. The round trip takes about two hours.
You can see the river stream through the transparent window on the bridge.
When you get off at home station, Seomjin River spreads out in front of you. Gokseong County Youth Camp and Seomjin River Observatory are visible from Seomjin River Rock Bridge. Seomjin River is full of autumn sun.
I can see a train running to Gokseong Station
If you plan to stay for more than 1 night in Gokseong, you can stay in the campsite or in the Simcheok Hanok Village located in the vicinity. It tells the story of Gokseong, which is considered as the source of the deep blue narrative. You can experience Hanok at an affordable price.
Seomjin River Train Village has a rose park and amusement park
If you want to stay a little bit different, you can choose train pensions near the home station or rail pensions near Gokseong station. Gokseong has plenty of accommodation for families. Who hit the spring Sumjin River the best? The dim autumn Seomjin River is no less.
Seomjin River Train Village has a rose park and amusement park
tip. Seomjin River Train Village

Once you enter Seomjin River Train Village (former Gokseong Station), you can buy a steam locomotive. You will need to purchase a train village ticket and a steam locomotive boarding pass respectively. If you get on the steam locomotive between the old Gokseong station and home station (about 10km), the Seomjin River train journey begins. The bus stops for about 30 minutes and returns to Gokseong Station. It operates five times a day, seven days a week (departing from train village 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30). During the low season, the first time (09:30) and the last time (17:30) are not operated. 80 minutes round trip, 370 passengers. All online booking


It is possible. Tickets for the Seomjin River Train Village are 3,000 won for the peak season (April to October), 2,500 won for the Soin & Gyeonggi University, and 1,000 won each for the low season (November to March). Call 061-362-8635 for admission tickets. Seats for steam locomotives are 6,000 won for round trips and 4000 won for one-way trips. Standing is 5000 won round trip and 3500 won one way.


Travel info

1. Nearby restaurants

Saesugung Garden: Seokjingang-ro, Jukgok-myeon / Crab Crab, Ayu Sashimi, Grilled / 063-363-4633

Log Cabin: Daegugang-myeon, Daehwanggang-ro / Cham-tang / 061-362-3090

Jade and Hanwoo Village: Osan-ro, Osan-myeon / Hanwoo / 061-363-6062

Yonggung Lodge: Haok-ri, Jukgok-myeon / Crab Crab / 061-362-8346

2. Accommodation

Simcheok Hanok Village (Shimcheong Story Village): Simgoong-ro, Ogok-myeon / 061-363-9910


Seomjin River Train Village Rail Pension: Ogok-myeon Train Village / 061-362-9712


Gokseong-gun Youth Camp: Gadal Village Road, Godal-myeon / 061-362-4186


White Village: Haok-ri, Jukgok-myeon / 061-363-7531

Mosimjeongjung: Seomjingang-ro, Jukgok-myeon / 061-363-1415


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