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Add one spicy squid bulgogi to one dish - Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk, Korea

Add one spicy squid bulgogi to one dish

Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk, Korea

If there are Byeongcheon Sundae in Cheonan, Chungnam, and Baekam Sundae in Yongin, Gyeonggi, there are Yonggung Sundae in Yecheon, Gyeongbuk. Unlike the thin and soft Sochang Sundae, the Yonggung Sundae made of thick pork changchang is characterized by a rich texture and rich gravy.

Yecheon's specialty, Hoeryongpo and Yonggungsoon

A beautiful place like a picture of a water path that wraps around a white sandy beach. There is one more specialty in Yonggung-myeon, Yecheon, Gyeongbuk, famous for the island 'Hoeryongpo'. The main characters are the sundae houses lined up around the Yonggung Market and the chewy and plain Yonggung Sundae made there. It's a quiet and quiet rural neighborhood without a tall building, but on weekends, it's a good idea to wait in line for 30 minutes and an hour to get long shots of cars from outside and eat a bowl of sundae soup for 4,500 won. .

You're making sundae with a grilled makchang?
When and how was Sundae, a snack for the whole people and the representative food for the common people? Although the story is different, it is common to see the origin of the Chinese and Korean peninsula in the Goryeo Dynasty, and the first name in the literature is the poetry book of the late 19th century.
Nowadays, it has become a common food that can be eaten anywhere in the country, from restaurants to food stalls to food stalls and franchise restaurants, but originally Sundae was not a common food. It became a popular food with the generalization of instant noodles.
Just like Baekam Sundae and Byeongcheon Sundae, where there was a pig slaughterhouse or developed around a market where many people gather, Yecheon's Yonggung Sundae is a local food that was born in the background of the regional characteristics of Yeongnam-daero where people and logistics gather.
Classic restaurant in Yonggung Market
The decisive difference between Yonggung Sundae and Sundae in other regions is the Sundae blood, or shell. Most sundae we know of are made from pig spears or spears. Sochang is more common, and like Soba in Sokcho, sundae using large windows is much larger. However, Yonggung Sundae uses a changchang, not a changchang or a changchang. It's the main window that is baked and eaten. The person who invented this creative idea for the first time is known as the second hostess of the classic restaurant in Yonggung-myeon.
But one question I have at this point. When did the name 'dragon palace' begin to be written? Does that mean "yonggung" in the sea where the dragon king lives?
In the 9th year (1018) of Goryeo Dynasty, there is a record that Yongju-gun was changed to Yonggung-gun and incorporated into Sangju-mok, and the current name has been used almost a thousand years ago, and it is also true to mean the 'yonggung' in the sea.
Classic restaurant in Yonggung Market
Thumb up! Chewy texture, savory taste
Makchang, unlike Sochang or Daechang, is thick. And as anyone who's ever tried grilled, the texture is soft and chewy. However, if you bake the window without burning it, an amazing reversal occurs. Instead of fading away the tough texture, it only leaves the skin soft and chewy. In addition, the juice from the makchang itself is very rich, and in the sundae, the noodles are made with glutinous rice, various vegetables and sesame seeds, and the texture and savory taste are excellent. If you eat it with shrimp sauce, dip it with sesame salt, and eat chopped green peppers, you can empty the plate easily.
Yonggung Sundae Plate
The deep and rich taste of the sundae soup, which is made by simmering the seasoning and cheongyang peppers in immaculate soup, is also awesome. There are Soondae Gukbap and Gonggipap that are rolled up separately. Sundae Gukbap is 4,500 won and Separate Gukbap is 5,000 won. However, for Gukbap, use Sochang Sundae instead of Makchang Sundae for a more suitable texture.
Sundae Gukbap
Separately rice
You must eat squid bulgogi to finish Yecheon Sundae Tour
The charts of Yonggung-myeon Sundaejip are almost the same. The main menus are Sundae, Sundae Gukbap, Separate Gukbap, and Squid Bulgogi. In addition, pork bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, grilled chicken feet, and grilled changchang are usually found in any house. The combination of sundae and squid bulgogi feels unfamiliar, but it is natural in Yecheon. When ordering soup, it is common to add squid bulgogi as a side dish or order one dish of sundae and squid bulgogi.
Squid Bulgogi
Squid Bulgogi was first introduced by a hostess in a classic restaurant more than 50 years ago, and can now be tasted in any restaurant. It is also the same as cutting squid into a size that is easy to eat and then frying it once in spicy sauce and then transferring it to a grill to quickly bake back and forth over a briquette.
Squid, seasoned with red pepper powder, is grilled directly, so it's delicious. The spicy and soft texture of the squid blends with the spicy seasoning and the taste of the fire. It is an addictive taste that you want to order more air and eat it with the remaining seasoning.
Squid Bulgogi
After eating Sundae in Korean rice and squid bulgogi, it will be difficult to control the stomach. It is also a good idea not to go straight to Hoeryongpo and take a stroll around the Yonggung Market. Oil mills that make sesame oil and perilla oil in the old way stimulate the fragrance.
Yonggung Market Oil Refinery
Travel information


* Self-driving

Gyeongbu Expressway → Shingal Junction → Yeongdong Expressway → Yeoju Junction → Jungbu Inland Expressway → Jeomchon, Hamchang IC → National Road No. 3 at Nahan Intersection → Yecheon Yonggung Market
Yeongdong Expressway → Manjong Junction → Jungang Expressway Jecheon, Yeongju → Yecheon IC

* public transport

≫ Seoul → Yecheon
Operates 9 times a day (06: 40-20: 30) from Dong Seoul Terminal (1688-5979) to Yonggung-myeon, takes 2 hours and 20 minutes
From Central City Terminal (02-6282-0114) to Yecheon three times a day (07: 00-18: 20), takes 2 hours 30 minutes
≫ Daejeon → Yecheon
Operates 5 times a day (07: 10-17: 50) from Daejeon Complex Terminal (042-624-4451), takes 2 hours 50 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes

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Classic Restaurant: Eupburi, Yonggung-myeon / Sundae, Sundae Gukbap, Squid Bulgogi / 054-653-6126
Park Dal Restaurant: Eupburi, Yonggung-myeon / Sundae, Sundae Gukbap, Squid Bulgogi / 054-652-0522
Yonggung Sundae: Eupburi, Yonggung-myeon / Sundae, Sundae Gukbap, Squid Bulgogi / 054-655-4554


Geumdangsil Village Gotaek Bed and Breakfast: Sangmungok-ri, Yongmun-myeon / 010-5080-6692 / geumdangsil.invil.org
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