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A trip to the sea in Taean, that's about it! - Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Inside the Konam Shell Museum

A trip to the sea in Taean, that's about it!

Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

<Full travel path>
Gonam Shell Museum → 20 minutes by car, 11km → Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest → 15 minutes by car → 3.6km → Cafe Isle-2 minutes by car, 1km → Flower Land Coast Park → 1 hour and 10 minutes by car, 51km → Cheonnipo Arboretum → 25 minutes by car, 13km → Sinduri Sand Dunes → 40 minutes by car, 28km → Farm Camomile Herb Farm
The West Sea is full of things that 'Donghae' does not have. The arithmetic depth does not match the East Sea, but it is deeper than any deep sea when approaching the chest. Not the hot and energetic sunrise of the East Sea, but the relaxing and calm afternoon colors, and the scenery like relaxation at sunset at dusk. . Unlike the rough and cool East Sea, the West Sea is full of calmness and calmness, and the West Sea is filled with the smell of the depths of our lives.
Taean, which has been known as a peaceful and comfortable town since ancient times, is a representative tourist spot on the west coast that retains the beauty of the west sea. The wonderful beach path spreads casually, and you can enjoy the spectacular sunset from anywhere. The picturesque scenery that unfolds with numerous islands in harmony shows why this is Taeanhaean National Park.
Konam Shell Museum with Sea View
Opened in 2002, the Konam Shell Museum exhibits a variety of shell mound artifacts, including excavated and investigated remains of the Neolithic Era, and various tools made of earthenware, stoneware, bones, and clams.
Konam Shell Museum
There is a permanent exhibition hall, a video room, an experiential exhibition room, an exhibition hall equipped with an experiential learning room, and a second exhibition hall displaying artifacts related to agriculture, fishing, and harvesting in Taean.
The ramp to the first exhibition hall
The artifacts found in the shells are the main sights, but various experiences such as fishing, trick art, photo albums, making shellfish hats, matching earthenware puzzles, and tuhu are also popular.
There are two parking spaces for the disabled and one parking area for pregnant women in the closest to the exhibition hall, and there are wide and gentle slopes at the entrances of the first and second exhibition halls.
Seashell hat decoration experience
Another advantage is that there is no step inside the exhibition hall. However, the ramp going down from the second exhibition hall to the yard needs some help from Gapala assistants.
Museum courtyard tuho amusement facilities
There are two wheelchairs and two strollers for rent, and there is a toilet for both men and women with disabilities in the first exhibition hall.
Exhibition Hall 1 Disabled Toilet
Anmyeonsong Healing Spot, Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest
It is a place where you can see some of the best pine forests in the country. In Korea, 135ha of wonderful forests, which are the only pine trees around 100 years old, fill the recreational forest.
Sol Forest Trail
Pine trees native to Anmyeondo are especially called 'Anmyeonsong' and have been in the spotlight as luxury pine trees since ancient times.
Disabled parking area close to promenade
There are various courses that you can take a walk along the evergreen pine forest. For a wheelchair, a walkway of 500 m or more from the ticket office to the Forest Hall is good.
Pine Trail View
There are six disabled parking areas near the promenade, and three wheelchairs are available at the ticket office. There are toilets for the disabled, one for both men and women, in the bathrooms behind the parking lot kiosk and in the bathrooms across the parking lot.
The walkway from the ticket office to the Forest Hall is generally gentle. In some sections, slopes require steep supporters.
Flat road leading to the Forest Exhibition Hall
'Café Isle', which adds coffee aroma to the aroma of the sea
'Café Isle' on Kkotji Beach is a romantic place with a wide window full of beautiful West Sea.
Cafe Isle with ramps
It is a small cafe with only three or four tables, but the sea through the window is wider and greener than anywhere else.
Inside the cafe with both sides of glass
If the day is good, it is better to enjoy the calm West Sea without clogging. There seems to be no place like this because of the rest during the trip.
Cafe Isle's Outdoor Terrace

There is a parking space right in front of the cafe entrance, and a ramp is installed on the way to the cafe. There is no chin on the door, so it is easy to go in and out, and there is no problem in moving inside the cafe, which is not spacious. However, there is a small gravel on the floor of the parking lot, so an assistant is needed when entering the cafe from the car. The toilet has a chin and is narrow, so it is difficult to use it while in a wheelchair.

Flower Island Beach in front of Cafe Isle
The sunset of Kkotji Beach to be seen once in a lifetime
There is a saying that 'the person who has seen a lot of the scenery that is falling is really rich'. Flower garden is one of the three sunset spots in Korea.
Bench with a good view of the grandmother and grandmother
CNN was also considered a beautiful place to visit in Korea.
Grandmother and Grandmother Rock Information Board
The sunset scenery that falls over the grandmother's rock and the grandmother's rock, conveyed by the sad legend of Mido, the wife who became a mess while waiting for the return of the soldiers and the return of a soldier, is a masterpiece.
The sun falling to the side of the grandmother's rock
There is a two-lane road between the parking lot and the coastal park overlooking the Ghalmi-Habibi Rock, so be careful of vehicles when crossing.
Disabled parking area in coastal park
There are 18 handicapped parking areas near the coastal park, and there is a toilet with toilets for disabled men and women on either side of the parking lot.
Disabled toilet ramp near parking lot
There is no step at the entrance to the coastal park.
Entrance to coastal park without steps
If you are looking for a flower at sunset, you need to be careful about keeping warm. If you prepare a blanket or hot pack in advance, this is a little warmer while waiting for the sun to set.
Grandmother's and Grandmother's Rock Sunset at Flower Land Coastal Park
Secret Garden, Cheonnipo Arboretum, returned after 40 years
Cheonnipo Arboretum has various titles, including the first private arboretum in Korea and the certification of “the world's first beautiful arboretum” in Asia.
'Road without stairs' in Cheonnipo Arboretum
It is the largest botanical garden in Korea with 15,800 plant species, including native plants in Korea and imported species from more than 60 countries around the world.It was originally a private arboretum for research purposes, but was released to the public since 2009.
Nakwoosong, a beauty tree in the arboretum
Founded in 1921 in Pennsylvania, USA, it was founded by Min Byung-Gal, who became a Korean in 1979.
Cheonnipo Arboretum is easy to move with deck
In the arboretum, there is a separate “route without stairs” that goes around the arboretum, including the main space.
Trails with Cheonnipo Beach
This route is suitable for a wheelchair tour. However, there are some slopes in the middle, and assistance is needed.
Waterway with wooden boards considering wheelchair users
In addition, a braille plate engraved on a stainless steel plate is attached to the guide plate, and a wooden plate is placed on the cover of the waterway crossing the road so that a wheelchair can pass.
Disabled parking area under construction
This is a place where caring for the disabled is felt everywhere.
Observation deck with a view of Cheonpopo Sea
There are 5 parking spaces for the disabled across the road in front of the ticket office, and there are toilets for the disabled in 4 toilets, including a parking lot, an entrance, a cafe, and a hollyhock house.
A ramp leading to the toilet next to the holly tree house
“Is Korea right here?” Moving sand dune, Sinduri coastal dune
The Sindu-ri coastal sand dune is 3.4 km long and 0.5-1.3 km wide, making it the largest and largest coastal dune in Korea.
‘Room to attach a wish’ located on the 1st basement level of Sinduri Sand Dunes
It was designated as Natural Monument No. 431 in 2001, and is called the “Korean Desert”.
The road from Sinduri Sand Dune Center to the sand dune entrance
The animals and plants inhabiting here, such as Gojiri-sacho, Gaegyeongryeong, Sunbiki, gourd dust worm, ant ghost, 삵, and baby hornbill, are more unusual because they are rarely seen.
Rooftop of Sinduri Sand Dune Center
It is a good idea to visit the Sinduri Sand Dunes Center at the entrance before visiting the coastal sand dunes.
Sinduri Sand Dunes and Course A Trail
After exploring the sand dune center, go to the back gate, and the trail leads.
A course deck with sea and coastal dunes at a glance
Of the roads leading from the back gate of the Sand Dunes Center to the trail, the 100m area is unpaved, making it difficult to move by wheelchair. The trail is made of a wooden deck, but there is a rise and fall, so an assistant is required.
Sinduri Sand Dunes Center Entrance
There are five disabled parking areas in front of the Sinduri Sand Dune Center, and there are toilets for disabled men and women on the 1st and 1st basement levels of the Sinduri Sand Dune Center. Facilities are good.
Disabled parking area in front of Sinduri Sand Dune Center
There are a total of 3 trails in Sinduri Coastal Sand Dunes. Of these, the 1.2km A course is suitable for a wheelchair tour.
Disabled toilet in Sinduri Sand Dune Center
Farm Camomile Herb Farm that seems to have transformed a European garden
The Farm Camomile Herb Farm, with its exotic scenery, is a large forest with a wide variety of themed gardens in restaurants, herb shops, campgrounds, and pensions.
Straw sculpture at the entrance
The Herb Shop Studio, which sells several products made from herbs directly produced by the plantation, and a nice cafe and restaurant are close to the entrance.
Herb Shop Studio
Even if there is not enough space for a wheelchair, it is enough to have a time of healing while admiring the pretty garden.
Road from ticket office to garden
It is a pity that most of the 12 charming gardens are located on a hilltop and cannot be explored in a wheelchair.
Herb Shop Studio
There is no step on the road between the gardens, but it is slightly uncomfortable to move in a wheelchair because it has a green Pytex flooring instead of pavement. Activity assistants are required.
Castle Garden with an impressive pyrancan fruit
The disabled parking area is not separated. There is one toilet for men and women with disabilities in the hub shop studio behind the ticket office.
Handicapped toilet in the herb shop studio
Accommodation information for ‘handicapped rooms’
One of the recommended accommodations in Anmyeondo and Cheonnipo Beach in Taean-gun is the Long Beach Family Hotel, which embraces Manripo Beach. It is a Manripo beach with a large white sandy beach in front of the hotel, and you can enjoy the cool West Sea scenery through the wide window of the room.
Disability Parking Area and No Stepped Entrance
It is a new building built in summer 2017, and all facilities are neat. There are two handicapped parking areas right in front of the front door, and when you enter the front door without any steps, there is a handicapped room in front of you.
Spacious disabled rooms
When moving in and out of the bathroom and room, there is no chin to move, and the spacious room is easy to use by wheelchair. Safety bars are installed wherever you need them.
Stepless and spacious toilet
The rooms are equipped with four-person dining tables and kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, and medium-sized refrigerators. There is a barbecue table on the veranda, so it is good to enjoy tea while watching the sea.
Manripo sea from your room
Restaurants with wheelchair access
'Mom's Table' at Baeksajang Port, the head of Anmyeondo Island, is a place where you can taste delicacies made from all kinds of seafood from the West Sea. There are also fresh sashimi, clam-roasted, daha-yaki, and spicy hot dishes, as well as a la carte dishes such as crab soup and blue crab soup, grilled fish, and stew. Rarely for disabled people, there is a parking area for the disabled, and there is a ramp on the stairs. However, a Gapala activity assistant is required. The toilet on the outside has a high and narrow chin, making it uncomfortable to use.
Shellfish soup
You can enjoy fresh seafood at 'Bangpohoe Town', which is the groundwork for Bangpo Port in Anmyeondo. If you choose a variety of seafood directly from ‘Bangpo Fisheries’ right next to the restaurant, you can cook sashimi in ‘Bangpohoe Town’ and boil a spicy bath to prepare a prize. After purchasing the meat, there is no step on the way to the restaurant where you cook, but the circulation is a bit complicated. It is a pity that there is no toilet for the disabled.
Urukhoe and Maeuntang
Manripo Beach's 'Honam Sashimi House' operates a fish market, and it serves as a selection of all kinds of fresh seafood from the West Sea, including various types of sashimi and tang, as well as grilled and stewed, stew, yellow haejangguk, and clam noodles. There is no chin on the door, so it is good to go in and out of a wheelchair. After parking next to the building, you need an assistant to enter the restaurant.
Grilled clams in winter
Travel information

Recommended travel course (same day course)

first day : Sinduri Coastal Sand Dunes → Cheonnipo Arboretum → Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest → Kkotji Coastal Park (Sunset)

Recommended travel course (2 days and 1 night course)

first day : Gonam Shell Museum → Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest → Flower Land Coastal Park (cafe isle and sunset)

Second day : Cheonnipo Arboretum → Sinduri Coastal Sand Dunes → Palm Camomile Herb Farm


-Gonam Shell Museum: 4270-6, Anmyeon-daero, Gonam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam (611, Gonam-ri) / 041-670-2337 / http://www.taean.go.kr/

-Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest: 3195-6, Anmyeon-daero, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungnam (135, Seungun-ri) / 041-674-5019 / www.anmyonhuyang.go.kr

-Cafe Isle: 284 Gumjihaean-ro, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungnam (225-8, Seungun-ri) / No phone / No website

-Kkotji Coastal Park: Seungeon-ri, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungnam / No phone / No website.

-Cheonnipo Arboretum: 187 Cheonnipo 1-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam (875, Uihang-ri) / 041-672-9982 / www.chollipo.org

-Sindu-ri Coastal Sand Dunes: 201-54 Sindu Beach-gil, Wonbuk-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam (1221-82 Sindu-ri) / Sindu-ri Coastal Sand Dunes Center 041-672-0499

/ http://sinduri.org/sinduri

-Farm Camomile Herb Farm: 56-19 Wooun-gil, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam (967, Mongsan-ri) / 041-675-3636 / http://kamille.co.kr/

Barrier-free information

-Konam Shell Museum

* Admission: 1,200 won for adults, 700 won for children, and disabled (1st and 3rd graders and 1 guardian, 4th to 6th graders only) are free.

* Opening hours: Summer (March-October) 09: 00-18: 00, Winter season (November-February) 09: 00-17: 00 (Every Monday, January 1st, the day of the holiday, the next day of public holidays )

* Parking: Yes. Handicapped parking area (2). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. There is one toilet for both men and women with disabilities in the 1st Exhibition Hall.

* Others: 2 wheelchairs and 2 strollers each. It is convenient to move the exhibition hall inside the exhibition hall because there is no step. The slope to and from the exhibition hall is gentle, but the place where you descend from the second exhibition hall to the yard needs some help from Gapala assistants.

-Anmyeondo Natural Recreation Forest

* Admission: 1,000 won for adults, 800 won for middle and high school students, 400 won for elementary school students, and disabled (1-3rd grader and 1 guardian, 4th-6th grader only) are free.

* Hours: Summer (March-October) 09: 00-18: 00, Winter (November-February) 09: 00-17: 00 (Closed every Monday)

* Parking: Yes. Handicapped parking areas (6). There is a parking fee. 1,500 light cars, 3,000 won for small and medium-sized cars, 5,000 won for large cars, free of charge for vehicles with disabilities

* Toilet: Yes. There is one toilet for both men and women with disabilities in the toilets behind the kiosk and across the parking lot.

* Others: Wheelchairs (3) for rental are provided. Forest commentary program. It is generally gentle, but in some sectors, assistance from an assistant is required.

-Cafe Isle

* Admission fee: None. There is a ramp.

* Parking: Yes. No parking area for the disabled. No parking fee.

* Toilet: No handicap toilet.

-Flower Land Coast Park

* Admission fee: None.

* Parking: Yes. Disabled parking zones (18). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. Disabled toilets for men and women on either side of the parking lot.

-Cheonnipo Arboretum

* Admission fee: Yes. Adults 9,000 won, teenagers 6,000 won, children 5,000 won. 6,000 won for the disabled
* Opening hours: Summer (April-October) 09: 00-18: 00, Winter season (November-March) 09: 00-17: 00. 24/7.

* Parking: Yes. There are parking spaces for the disabled (5). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. There is a disabled toilet in the toilet next to the parking lot, at the entrance of the plant center (under construction), at the cafe (male), and at the Private Memorial Hall (female), next to the holly tree house. All four.

-Sinduri Sand Dunes

* Admission fee: None. free.

* Parking: Yes. Handicapped parking area (7 areas). No parking fee.

* Toilet: Yes. On the 1st floor and the 1st basement floor of Sinduri Sand Dune Center, there are toilets for disabled people.

* Others: Unpaved about 100m from the back door of Sinduri Sand Dunes Center to the entrance to Sinduri Coastal Sand Dunes. There is a wooden deck on the sand dune trail, but there is a sloping place that requires assistance from an assistant. The section from the exit to the parking lot (250m) is also unpaved.

-Farm Camomile Herb Farm

* Admission: Peak season (March to November)-Adults 8,000 won, Seniors (over 65 years old) 7,000 won, Children (elementary school students) 5,000 won, Infants (over 3 years old) 4,000 won, 50% discount for the disabled. Low season (December to February)-6,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for senior citizens (over 65), 3,000 won for children (elementary school students), 2,000 won for infants (over 3 years old), 50% discount for the disabled.

* Opening hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 (however, the end time varies for each space in the plantation)

* Parking: Yes. No parking area for the disabled. No parking fee.

* Toilet: There is one toilet for both men and women with disabilities in the herb shop studio.

* Others: Green Pytex flooring is installed on the floor of the parking lot and all roads accessible by wheelchairs within the plantation, so assistance is required.

Move information
Public transportation information
-Association of Physically Handicapped People Taean-gun Branch 041-673-1040: Special transportation for the disabled (2 units)
-Taean-gun Disabled People's Living Support Center 041-672-1605: Operation of Disabled People's Living Movement Support Vehicles (3 units)
Food and lodging information
-Long Beach Family Hotel: 120, Manripo 2-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (1438, Mohang-ri) / 041-672-8822, 8858/1 room for the disabled / 2 parking spaces for the disabled / https://longbeachhotel.co.kr/

Restaurants near
-Mother's Table: 51 Baeksajang 1-gil, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungnam (1262-159 Changgi-ri) / 041-672-0816
* Main menu: Seafood soup, shellfish grilled, spicy soup, Haejangguk, crab soup, home-style alum
* Accessibility: Parking area for the disabled (1) / Need assistance from assistants on ramps / Inconvenient use of restrooms outside

-Bangpohoe Town: 64, Bangpohang-gil, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungnam (1317-2, Seungun-ri) / 041-673-4575
* Main Menu: Various seasonal live fish including sea cucumber, abalone, luck, blue crab and octopus
* Accessibility: There is a parking lot / There is no step / The toilet is wheelchair accessible / http://bangposusan.itrocks.kr/

-Manripo Honam Sashimi: 6, Seohae-ro, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam (1428 Mohang-ri) / 041-673-6789
* Main Menu: Cantonese, Uruk, Perch, Sea Bream, Spicy Tang, Seafood Tang, Blue Crab Tang, Crab Gukji
* Accessibility: There is a parking lot / There is no step

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