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A trip to Goseong Drive in Gangwon-do, Gangwon-do and Lake of Ice in Spring - Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea


A trip to Goseong Drive in Gangwon-do, Gangwon-do and Lake of Ice in Spring

Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

Deep in the heart, it is a eager spring. Spring meets Goseong, Gangwon-do, and the taste is different. National highway No. 7 along the sea is also in contact with the road to deliver the 'spring of the era' gift. At the end of February, families of separated families traveled along this path to open a spring of sea ice mood. It was the way to reunion in 3 years and 4 months. Hwajinpo, Geojin, Jajin, Machajin, Daejin, and other high-end muzzles and lakes have also become a charming way for spring.
Goseong's March is still cold. The snowfall remains on the rugged mountainside beyond the representative attraction of Hwajinpo Lake. Still, a warm air blows between the traveler's footsteps and the seafarer's material. Just as the sea ice mood was held after the big and small accidents, spring energy began in the cold and trials. The spring that meets Goseong's port and lake is a wish and a wish.

Hwajinpoho, the backdrop for movies and drama
The way of sea ice crossing Goseong makes Hwajinpo a step. Along with the beautiful scenery, spaces to chew through the flow of the times are gathered around the Hwajinpo Lake.

The drama played a big part in Hwajinpo becoming a hot topic. The lakeside embroidered by the reeds set the background for the drama <Autumn Fairy Tale> and shook the hearts of the youth. A bicycle path was built around the lake, and it was a collaboration between Hwajinpoho and drama that Goseong, which was secluded except for midsummer, climbed the ranks of a date course in Gangwon-do.
Although it is not well known, Hwajinpo is also the place behind the movie <Piran>. If Song Seung-heon and Song Hye-kyo whispered the push of love in the drama <Autumn Fairy Tales>, in the movie <Pairan>, the scene where Chinese actress Chang Baek-ji gives a bicycle against the sea of Hwajinpo and misses Choi Min-sik is filled with watercolors. Given the mood these days, Hwajinpo seems to go better with the theme of longing rather than love. As the separated family's heart toward North Korea did, the story behind the sea is standing in the mud and lake. Hwajinpo's 'Hwajin' has the meaning of 'flowering naru'.

Hwajinpo, where there are villas of modern and contemporary characters
Dramas and movies are just fragmentary materials that enhance the atmosphere. Hwajinpo boasts its own elegance. Hwajinpo Lake, with a circumference of 16km, is the largest natural lake on the east coast. The pine forest is lush around the lake. In the fall, migratory birds fly to the shores of reeds. Quietness. If you express Hwajinpoho in one word, calm modifiers go well. It is not crowded or tumultuous, and there is still calmness in the lake.
Just across the road from the lake is the sea of Hwajinpo. Hwajinpo Beach is officially registered as the northernmost beach in South Korea. The color of the sand is white, and it has a reputation for being soft when pressed on. There have been many famous villas around Hwajinpo since ancient times. Hwajinpo is lined with villas of bold characters from modern and modern history, such as former President Syngman Rhee's villa, former Vice President Lee Ki-bung's villa, and Hwajinpo's castle, which was also used as Kim Il-sung's villa.
Hwajinpo Beach

Hwajinpo's castle has a better view of the sea than the lake. The sea of Hwajinpo is different from the lake. It causes white foam and awakens the still silence. In the sea in front of Hwajinpo Beach, there is an island called Geumgudo, which is reminiscent of a golden turtle in the shape of green pine trees and golden bamboo.

Hwajinpo's castle was the home of Dr. Sherwood Hall, who started the Christmas Room Movement for the first time in Korea under Japanese rule. This villa, built on top of a rock wall, was built by a German architect and has the form of a German castle and retains the history of Kim Il-sung. Goseong-gun will remodel Hwajinpo's castle into a space to re-examine Dr. Sherwood Hall, who contributed to combating tuberculosis.

Hwajinpo Castle
Lee Ki-poong's villa in Hwajinpo dune was built by foreign missionaries in the 1920s. Since then, they have endured the years of frustration, such as the North Korean executive's resort, Lee Ki-poong's wife Park Maria's villa, and the Army Command's resort.
Lee Gi-bung Cottage
Syngman Rhee's villa stands facing Hwajinpo's castle and lake. The cozy view of the lake and Syngman Rhee's villa and the memorial hall are excellent.
Syngman Rhee's Villa and Memorial Hall
As such, Hwajinpo is not only a natural landscape, but also the sights and traces of modern history, which adds to the imagination.
Syngman Rhee Memorial Exhibition
Hwajinpo's villas may be a distant past for future generations. Hwajinpo Beach has a remarkable exhibition hall for family outings, bringing fun to the war. The Hwajinpo Maritime Museum exhibits over 1,500 species of shellfish and corals, which are rare in the world.
Hwajinpo Maritime Museum
A muzzle with longing for Daejin and Jajin
Going to the peak of Hwajinpo, Goseong's port leads to Machajin, Daejin, and Chodo ports to the north and to Geojin and Jain Port to the south. Machajin has a fan-shaped beach and rocks, and the Daejin Lighthouse stands on a hill far away. If you put a fishing rod near Daejin Port, songmi and mullet will come up. When you visit Daejin Port at dawn, you can enjoy squid sashimi on the fly. Chodo Pogu shows the cozy scenery of the quiet east coast of Pogu village.
Daejin Lighthouse
Enjoy a coastal drive from Hwajinpo and head south to Geojin Lighthouse and Geojin Port. Gojin Port, the largest port in Goseong, had a reputation for being a winter pollack, but it has been fading these days. If you sell your footsteps at the Geojin Lighthouse that has been through for many years, you can see the coast of Goseong at a glance.
Although the size of Hajin Port in the southern end of Geojin Port is small, it has been called 'Deokpo' because it has a lot of marine products than other fishing ports. As you finish your trip to Goseong, you can't miss the pleasure of enjoying a full meal of sashimi in a secluded port.
Geojin Port
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