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A story full of flowers to tell your child, Andong, Gyeongbuk - Andong City, Gyeongbuk, Korea

Kwon Jung-saeng's Fairy Tale

A story full of flowers to tell your child, Andong, Gyeongbuk

Andong City, Gyeongbuk, Korea

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Kwon Jung-saeng Fairy Tale Country → Car 22 minutes 20km → Andong Cultural Tourism Complex (Yugyo Land, Ontrepium) → Car 10 minutes 5km → Andong Culture Street → Car 6 minutes 1.7km → Andong 2 District Park Music Fountain → Car 8 minutes Approx. 3.5 km → Wolyeonggyo Bridge → Car 35min 24km → Andong Hanji Experience Center → Car 12min 7km → Andong Hahoe Village (Hahoe World Mask Museum, Mansongjeong)
Andong looks more amazing. Under the hanok that shows the beauty of the curves by combining Amki and Sukiwa, a concentrated mental culture makes the heart beat. Andong is the place where you do nothing and the night you ask at your home is the best gift. Kwon Jeong-saeng from the fairy tale Ganga Jitung, you can feel the sympathy in the fairy tale country, and spend a quiet time with the children at Hahoe Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of foods such as mackerel, Andong Korean beef, and Andong steamed chicken. 'Andong International Mask Dance Festival' is held for 10 days from the last Friday of September every year. Why don't you wear a Hahoe mask with your children and have fun playing?
Kwon Jung-saeng's Fairy Tale World
Andong's first travel destination with his children is the fairy tale of Kwon Jung-seng, the author of the well-known fairy tale ‘Gang-a-ji-tung’. The former Iljik Nambu Elementary School, which was closed school, was remodeled in October 2014 to recreate it as a space to feel the artist's breath and discover the concentricity of those who seek it.
Kwon Jeong-saeng Fairy Tale
In front of the school stairs, there are sculptures of 《Dog Poop》, 《Mom Katuri》, 《Mongsil Sister》, and it is good to take a commemorative photo. It is a space created by revising the closed school, so the playground and playground are spacious so children can play for a while.
Kwon Jeong-saeng Inside the Fairy Tale Exhibition Hall
Upon entering the fairy tale kingdom, there is an exhibition room that collects artifacts, an experience hall, and a library on the first floor where you can freely take out the books you want to see.
Kwon Jeong-saeng Fairy Tale Library

"If I become a manure and a fine flower blooms like a star, I will melt my whole body and become four years old."

It is part of 《Gang-a-ji-tung》 written by Kwon Jeong-saeng, a child literature writer who dreamed of children's happiness. A child and a parent who only know the contents of a fairy tale are impressed by looking at the artist's biography and relics. Kwon Jeong-saeng, who lived in poverty with his soldiers for the rest of his life, left a passbook with 1 billion won in income for children. Based on this trend, Kwon Jeong-saeng Children's Cultural Foundation was established in 2009, and the Foundation is carrying out various welfare culture projects for children. "All of the books I write are mostly bought and read by children, so it's worth giving back the taxes that come out here." In the exhibition hall, the main scenes of the animation <Gang-a-shit> and the video related to the teacher are shown. The fairy tale book that reads to the child knowing the background of the author comes to another meaning.

Kwon Jung-saeng Related Videos
Confucian land, where you can learn by playing with fun
Located in Andong Culture & Tourism Complex, 'Confucian Land' is a space to learn Confucian culture naturally through various experiences. The large square and the exterior of the building reminiscent of a large lampshade catch the viewers' attention.
Confucian land appearance
Confucian Land is decorated with 6 buildings, including Daedong Village, Boys, Youth, Middle Age, Old Age, and Chamseon Village, on the second basement level and three stories above ground. Confucian land is a space where children and adults can enjoy together through a combination of informative experiences and storytelling, breaking the stereotypes of 'Seonbi' and 'Confucian culture', and it takes about half a day to experience the exhibition space. The tour starts with a time trip to Daedong village in Andong, 16th century past the time tunnel.
Confucian Land Time Tunnel
If you visited this place with an infant or toddler, the 'Exciting Play World' on the first floor is the first recommended course. The play world is a playground for children to enjoy, such as a ball pool, trampoline, and slide.
4D experience drawing
As a Confucian land, there is also an experience corner where you can learn lion science naturally, not just a playground.
Ballpark inside the exciting amusement world
On the second floor, there is a Confucian shelter, which is the main lobby space of the experience hall. It is decorated with a Daedong courtyard and artificial waterfalls.
Confucian Land Confucian Shelter
The children are happy to experience the learning of Cheonjamun according to the medal of the medal in Seodang in Boys Seonbi Village in Hall 2, and watch the video of Hyonyeosimcheong on a moving boat and get a glimpse of the meaning of Hyo.
Traditional musical instrument sound experience
It is also worth seeing the 5D circular stereoscopic movie theater where a 3D movie is projected on a cylindrical screen with the largest diameter of 16.4m in Korea. In some cases, infants and toddlers are afraid to enter a dark room, so it is recommended that guardians enter.
Cheonjamun Mastery Experience
Ontrepium, which blooms throughout the garden
Ontrepium, a 3-minute drive from Confucian Land, is the representative hub theme park of Andong Cultural Tourism Complex.
Tropical view of Ontrepium
It is about 30,000m2, and has a total of 350 kinds, 45,000 plants and landscaping facilities such as rock gardens, topier gardens, fountain squares, amusement squares, and windmill animal sculptures. Four seasons are available, so you can meet fresh green leaves anytime and anytime.
Tropical greenhouse interior
Let's start watching the Ontrepium in a tropical greenhouse at the top of the park. About 14,000 trees of over 260 kinds of plants, such as palm trees, blue-orange oranges, bananas, and cacti, are planted and filled with exotic flavors.
Tropical greenhouse interior
In addition, in Farmers Land, where you can meet on the first day after entering Ontrepium, various crops such as peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and potatoes are grown. You can vividly experience and enjoy the process of crops blooming and fruiting with your children.
Central Square Fountain
The Pororo mini train is popular among children.
Pororo mini train
The fountain in the central square is in the form of a floor fountain where you can enjoy and enjoy the nature to your heart's content. It is suitable for relaxing with the vast nature.
[Left / Right] Katuri family photo zone / Windmill in the park
Central Culture Street, where tradition and taste blend
Andong, which is rich in food, offers the pleasure of travel in itself.
Central Culture Street Entrance
The central cultural street near Andong Station is the main street of Andong City, where both food and attractions are gathered.
Things to see and eat Many cultural streets
If you go out, head here.
Central Culture Street Fountain
In particular, there are more than 35 decades of Andong Jjimdak restaurants in the Old Market Jjimdak Alley where you can feel the taste of Andong Jjimdak.
Andong Old Market Steamed Chicken Alley
In the nearby Korean beef ribs street, you can see the true taste of Andong Korean beef from Andong, a clean area.
Hanwoo Rib Alley
Andong's representative bakery 'Mammoth Confectionery', which is sure to be heard after eating, is also unfortunate.
Mammoth confectionery popularity No1. Cream Cheese Bread
It is said to be one of the top three bakeries in the country, and customers are constantly on the opening hours. Remember that cream cheese bread and citron pound are especially popular.
Inside mammoth confectionery
A resting place for citizens and travelers, a musical fountain that soars into the sky
When the darkness falls, Andong citizens and tourists head to the Andong 2 district park music fountain.
The Nakdong River Music Fountain, 20m high and 30m wide, offers a variety of laser shows along with dynamic music. On the edge of the fountain, Hahoe Mask, the representative cultural property of Andong, is engraved, and you can see the Hahoe Mask as a laser show during the performance, making it feel like this is Andong.
Andong District 2 Music Fountain Laser Show
Watching the fountain soaring to a height of about 10m, the children dance to the music and look at the night sky. The music fountain runs from May to October at 8pm on weekdays and at 2pm and 8pm on weekends.
Andong District 2 Music Fountain Laser Show
The largest wooden bridge bridge in Korea, Wolyeong Bridge
After watching the music fountain, let's head to Wolyeonggyo, the largest wooden bridge in Korea. Wolyeonggyo Bridge, which shines even more at night, is a wooden bridge on the Andong Lake of the Nakdong River between Sanga-dong and Seonggok-dong.
Wolyeonggyo Bridge
The name of Wolyeonggyo was decided by gathering opinions of citizens by referring to the names of Inyeon and Wolgok-myeon, Eumdalgol, where Wolyeongdae, which was flooded by the construction of the dam. At the time of darkness, Wolyeonggyo is lit one by one with lights, providing a beautiful and beautiful night view.
Wolyeonggyo Wolyoungjeong
With children, special care must be taken to ensure that the child does not lean against the bridge railing. From April to the end of October, every weekend, 12:30, 18:30, and 20:30 three times a day for 20 minutes, the bridge fountain is operated to create another highlight.
Warm Message to Wolyeonggyo
An experience of Korean paper, even for adults
Before going to Hahoe Village, let's stop at Andonghanji Experience Center to learn about Andonghanji and take some time to make it with your child.
Hanji making experience
Tours of Andong Hanji Plant, which is carefully selected from high-quality mulberry and produced using traditional methods, can be toured for free through advance reservation.
Hanji making experience
You can solve your questions about 'Andonghanji', which boasts the best quality in the country, while also enjoying hands-on activities such as making hanji and hanji masks, colored hanji crafts, and color prints at Fidak warehouses, hanji factories, exhibition halls, shops, and craft rooms.
Demonstration of traditional Korean paper production
Hahoe Village is an essential part of Andong Travel
Hahoe Village is a place where Korean beauty and tradition live and breathe. However, if you are traveling with a small child, you may be troubled by the idea that the appearance of a house or thatch is 'what fun'.
Hahoe village panoramic view
Selected as one of the top 100 Korean tourism and selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2017, even if it is considered one of the top 8 attractions in Korea, it will be regrettable if children are bored. However, I realized that this worry was an old woman from the entrance of Hahoe Village.
Hahoe Village Cherry Blossom Tree Road on a Rainy Day
The landscape of the Nakdong River flowing in an S-shape, the buyongdae of the rocky cliff, the endlessly stretched sandy beach and the lush pine forest provide a resting place for the heart. Especially on a rainy day, when you walk in the pine forest of Mansongjeong, the whole family will be impressed by the quietness.
Hahoe Village Mansongjeong Pine Forest
Taking a raft from Naruto to Buyongjeong is another fun.
Hahoe World Mask Museum Mask Writing Experience
Andong must have been a roofless museum. As traditional culture and historical experiences increase, 23 museums greet families. Among them, the Hahoe World Mask Museum at the entrance of Hahoe Village is a must-see with children.
Hahoe World Mask Museum Mask Writing Experience
It displays 250 Korean masks and 250 foreign masks, so you can compare the different cultures of East and West. All the adults laugh at the appearance of the children running out of surprise when they see the Dokkaebi mask.
Hahoe World Mask Museum Mask Writing Experience
Travel information


-Andong Cultural Tour: 054-856-3013 / www.tourandong.com

-On Trepium: 054-823-8850, Andong-si Tourist Complex 346-9 / www.ontrepieum.co.kr

-Yogyo Land: 054-820-8800, Andong-si Tourist Complex 346-30 (Seonggok-dong)

-Hahoe Village: 054-852-3588, 2-1, Hahoejongga-gil, Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk www.hahoe.or.kr

-Kwon Jeong-saeng Fairy Tale Country: 054-858-0808, 119 Seongnam-gil, Iljik-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / www.kcfc.or.kr (Kwon Jeongsaeng Children's Cultural Foundation)

Barrier-free information

-Kwon Jeong Saenghwa Fairy Tale

* Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00 (seasonal operation)

* Closed: Every Monday, January 1, New Year's Day and Chuseok

* Admission: Free

* There is a disabled toilet on the 1st floor. There is a wheelchair lift connected to the second floor

* 2nd floor accommodation available (shower room)


* Hours: Peak season (April-October) 10: 00-18: 00, Low season (November-March) 10: 00-17: 00

* Admission: General 2,000 won, Children 1,500 won (free for under 24 months) / Preferential 1,000 won (over 65 years old, basic life recipient) / Free for under 24 months, national merit, disabled (1 ~ 3 level) accompanied by one person , (Level 4 ~ 6)

* Closed: Every Monday (Open on New Year's Day and Chuseok on 13:00)

* Handicapped toilet available (ticket office, greenhouse)

-Confucian Land

* Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (seasonal operation)

* Admission: General 9,000 won, Children 7,000 won (free for under 24 months) / Preferential: 5,000 won (over 65 years old, basic living recipient) / Free for under 24 months, national merit, disabled (1 ~ 3 level) 1 Person, (Level 4 ~ 6)

* Closed: Every Monday ((Open on 13:00 on New Year's Day and Chuseok))

* Stroller (7 units) Wheelchair (5 units) rental, luggage storage available

* Maternal and child rest area (nursing area, medical room), handicapped toilet

- Hahoe village

* Opening hours: 09: 00 ~ 17: 00 (winter season) / 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 (summer season)

* Admission: Adults 3,000 won Teenagers 1,500 won Children 1,000 won / Free of charge: Seniors over 65, disabled (Level 1 ~ 3), free of charge for 1 person and guardians, (Level 4 ~ 6)

* Parking lot fee: large 4,000 won, medium 2,000 won, small 1,000 won

* Nursing room available (diaper changing table, sofa)

* Use of ferry boats at Buyongdae: Elementary school students 2,000 won, middle school students ~: 3,000 won

Move information

Public transportation information

Gangnam Terminal: Seoul → Andong (first bus 06: 10, last bus 22: 00), time required 2 hours 40 minutes, 21 times a day. Seoul Express Bus Terminal 1688-4700 / http://www.exterminal.co.kr/

Seoul (Cheongnyangni Station): Mugunghwa (first bus 06:40, last bus 21:13), Saemaeul (17:10 depart, Saturday, Sunday increase service)

Self-driving information
-Yeongdong Expressway → Manjong JC → Jungang Expressway (Namwonju IC) → Yeongju → Seoan-dong IC → Andong

Food and lodging information


-Andong Grand Hotel : 346-8, Tourist Complex-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk 4 / 054-851-9000 (2 rooms for the disabled)

-Andong Richel Hotel : Gyeongsangbuk-do Andong-si Tourist Complex 346-69 / 054-850-9700 / Self-catering resort (1 handicapped room)

-Nongam Jongtaek : 162-133, Gasong-gil, Dosan-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / 054-843-1202 / http://www.nongam.com/

Restaurants near

-Japanese restaurant : Andongan mackerel / 676 Gyeongdong-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / 054-859-6012

-Culture Ribs Restaurant : Andong Hanwoo / 32-gil, Andong-si, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / 054-857-6565

-Original Andong Steamed Chicken : Andong Steamed Chicken / 47, Beongyeong 1-gil, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / 054-855-8903

-Magpie House : Hutjesabab / 203 Seokju-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongbuk / 054-855-1056

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