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A pleasant meeting between the mountain and the lake - Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea

Scenery of Gogok Castle Wall seen from Brothers' Peak in Samusan (Photo courtesy of Jecheon City Hall)

A pleasant meeting between the mountain and the lake

Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea

The phrase 'Cheongpungho Jadrakgil' is very pretty. It's also soft to pronounce, and it feels like ‘Sabujakjidada’, meaning that it acts lightly and effortlessly. I feel that it will be a trekking course that is easy to walk for some reason. Jadrak-gil refers to ‘a narrow path in a hilly country at the foot of a mountain.’ The name Cheongpungho is in front of it because the road runs around the mountain village surrounding Cheongpungho. It is a hiking trail, but it is difficult to walk. Of the 100 ridges in Cheongpungho in Jecheon, it is difficult to find a walking trail with such a great view point, as you walk along the beautiful scenery around the lake.

Cheongpungho Walk while looking at Cheongpungho
In Cheongpungho Jardrock Road, 7 courses were developed. Among them, the 9.9km ‘Gokgok Wall Road’, starting from Oksunbong Rest Area in front of Oksundaegyo Bridge and passing through Gogok-ri and Dabul-ri to Gogogol in Jigok-ri, is the best course in harmony with a wonderful view and diverse flora.
What is called Gogok Castle Wall Road is the place where the wall was formed in the past. The walls are not made of stone. The slopes of the slopes are named because they act as natural walls.


Oksun Bridge, where the Gogok Wall Street begins

The hilly path at the foot of the mountain continues, and occasionally there is a place to breathe. It is good to keep the surrounding branches and weeds neatly organized. Occasionally, there is a shelter where you can see the scenery of Cheongpungho closely. Under the blue skies in May, the mountain streams colored by fresh green and the ripples of the lake with azure are spectacular.

Goegok Seongbyeok Trail
From the start, I keep walking uphill, but it is not difficult. It is because the slope is gentle and comfortable. I'm definitely hiking, but my steps are light. The white spring primrose and yellow yangji flower are greeted with bright light all over the place.
Goegok Seongbyeok Trail
Great spot to take pictures
Turn around the road you came to and go to Dabuli, called 'the first town under the sky. If you follow the downhill path, the forest of trees will be cleared and you will see an open ridge, where there is the Baekbong Juk. This is a shelter created by the opening of Jardrock Road. For a moment, you can feel the emotion of a quiet and quiet mountain village filling thirst and hunger with rice wine and pancakes.
Dabuli called the first town under the sky
From Baekbong Jukmak to the top of Dabuljae, a small village passes through a simple village. The road is paved with asphalt. The summit of Dabuljae is the middle point of Goebbulseongbyeokgil. From here, go round the foot of Samsan Mountain (478m) and go down to Gosugol. However, if you want to descend quickly because you feel limited by your physical strength or time, you can go down to where you first started through Gogok-ri.
Milestones informing Cheongpungho
There are several roads where vehicles can be moved, and you can follow Imdo.
Milestones informing Cheongpungho
When you walk on a mountain path from Dabulam toward Gosugol, you pass through a dune field and thorny vines that exceed the height of your waist. The open ridge path is repeated and can be said to be a highlight section of the Goegokseong Wall Path while walking with Cheongpung Lake under your feet. If you walk for about an hour, you reach 403 bags, and if you walk another 15 minutes, Limdo comes out. The feeling of walking on Imdo is not just walking on a mountain path, but large and small fields spread out on the left and right sides of the road, allowing you to feel the freshness of green.
Hiker smelling herbal scents while hiking
Short but intense Jeongbangsagil
The advantage of Cheongpungho Jadrak Road is that it has a variety of courses. Even travelers who do not enjoy hiking or lack time can choose the course that suits their situation and enjoy the wonderful view of the mountain and lake.
Jeongbangsagil, a two-course course, is a short course of 1.6 km, but the nature in harmony with the temple makes an impressive impression. The way to climb from the entrance to the Neunggang Valley is quite Gapal sweat. Still, the forest is lush and the valley runs along the side of the road, so you can walk in the cool breeze. It is a pity that the road is paved, so it is not easy to drop the mountain.
Jeongbangsa scenery with a mountain on the back and a lake
The regret is rewarded with a wonderful scenery the moment you arrive at Jeongbangsa Temple. When you enter Jeolmadang, there are huge rocks that support the integrity of the cylinder, and in front, the Cheongpung Lake and the wavy ridge spread like a panorama. Sit in the yard chair and watch the scenery unfold before your eyes. This is a spectacular sight. Seokgansu, which rises out of the cliffs after the preservation of the cylinder, is an indispensable taste in Jeongbangsagil.
Jiak Jijang Bodhisattva statue carved in the rock wall
Icygol Ecological Road where ice freezes in the middle of summer
The entrance to Neunggang Valley, where Jeongbangsaenggil begins, is also the starting point of the Ice Course, Ice Course, 3 courses. It is a 5.4km section that passes through the stone tower road along the valley and climbs Mandangam and Cheokdae to the ice valley. It is a mysterious natural phenomenon in which ice freezes even in the middle of summer.
Neunggang Valley at the entrance of Ice Valley (Photo provided by Jecheon City Hall)
When summer approaches, there are many people who open the valley next to the road and enjoy the Tak. It is because the cool time in the valley is more attractive than hiking. If the ice valley feels far away, it is recommended to walk to the stone tower road. A 20-minute round trip from the valley is enough. The stone tower built on the stone tower road is quite large. Hopefully, the monk of Kumbong Ambassador Geumsuam began to build one by one, and now hundreds of stone towers have been built. The stone tower was erected on a monotonous and boring mountain path, making it a new attraction.
A stone tower road constructed by carefully stacking stones one by one
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