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A healing summer night in the city center, a summer hotel package is here! - Korea, Seoul

Novotel Ambassador Doksan swimming pool <Photo courtesy, Novotel Ambassador>

A healing summer night in the city center, a summer hotel package is here!

Korea, Seoul

In summer, is there anything more important than avoiding the heat? We prepared those who had poor physical strength to leave the fierce fierce sea to the mountains. Another vacation in the leisurely city center where everyone has left. Introducing the summer package.

In fact, when I say 'hotel package', I am afraid to approach it. This month's salary prevents the previous month and dies vigorously in the 30s with a high Engel index. And he works to prevent the next month with his pockets that seem to fly again. I can't afford to take a vacation because of the money I think, and I'm worried about stopping next month.

Still, it's only a summer vacation once a year. For office workers, summer holidays are desert oasis and mirages. So I prepared. This summer, a summer hotel package that can relieve the stress of the past! Let's set off for a midsummer night's dream!

The beach bikini is not envious! Hotel package for outdoor & indoor swimming pool

Although it is summer, it is regrettable when the water is drained. If you have a body you would like to show off on the beach, note the following: Let's take a look at <Grand Hyatt Seoul>, famous for outdoor swimming pools, <Grand Walker Hill>, <Silla Hotel Seoul>, <Imperial Palace Seoul>, and <Novotel Ambassador Doksan> with indoor swimming pool.

▶ Grand Hyatt Seoul

In the summer, Grand Hyatt Seoul attracts more people. Thanks to the great outdoor pool. The 2013 Summer Package with 'Healing' as the main theme includes two cocktails that can be enjoyed in the poolside bar of the guest room, outdoor pool, and outdoor pool. <Shiseido> Provides 3 sets of sunscreen travel. 20% discount for weekday summer package customers only for bookings made one week in advance. It will run from June 21st to August 31st. Starting from 290,000 won. Contact 02-799-8888.

▶ Grand Walker Hill

The summer package was organized around swimming in the pool. Three summer packages will be available from June 22 to September 1. The Cool Summer Package offers one night's accommodation, breakfast, and river park admission, along with free water supplies. From 244,000 won. There is also a hot summer package for 2 nights. Combination pizza set is added to breakfast and river park entrance. From 550,000 won. There is also a ‘stay package,’ excluding a swimming pool for customers who cannot play in the water. From 235,000 won. Contact 02-2022-0000.

▶ Novotel Ambassador Doksan & Gangnam

Doksan is close to Gasan Digital Complex and is easily accessible. Four summer packages will be held until August. Both indoor and gym use are included. The children's pool is scheduled to open from July. Inquiries from young couples with young children continue. Healing package from 139,000 won. The Gangnam store, located near COEX, is located in the center of the shopping and restaurant area, so it is popular with young people because you can enjoy all the surrounding facilities. In addition, for some Ambassador hotels in Korea, it is possible to make a reservation in advance at a discounted price of up to 50% through a free membership subscription ( www.accorhotels.com 'Super Sale', which can be held, will be held until September 1st. However, the promotion is until June 21st.

▶ Imperial Palace Seoul

The summer package “Summer for You Package” was born from the idea that summer style will be different depending on your blood type. Providing customized services for each blood type. You can enjoy breakfast at Cafe Amiga for Type A, unlimited draft beer for Type B at Garden Terrace, and tequila or draft beer for Lounge O at Joy. For AB, Medical Square provides one-person skin care. From 190,000 won. Contact 02-3440-8000

Grand Hyatt Seoul, famous for its outdoor swimming pool <Photo courtesy, Grand Hyatt Seoul>
Grand Hilton swimming pool <Photo courtesy, Grand Hilton Seoul>
Grand Hilton swimming pool <Photo courtesy, Grand Hilton Seoul>
Enjoy the scent of art, culture and parties!

▶ Seoul Westin Chosun

The theme of this summer package is 'paradise'. You can enjoy an artistic relaxation in a swimming pool with the concept of 'Tahiti', which he worked on, after seeing the exhibition of the writer, "Gang Gang". The product was packaged in three categories: Summer Paradise Deluxe, Executive, and Suite. Even the customers of Paradise Summer Package can enjoy watching the Gauguin Exhibition right away. From June 21st to September 1st. From 240,000 won. Contact 02-317-0404

▶ Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton organized a summer party for women. Among the four prepared summer packages, 'Festive Girls Delight Package' is the main character. How about enduring a long summer night with sparkling wine and finger food with a friend? In addition, there are cool summer packages to enjoy draft beer in the outdoor garden, and sweet brunch packages to enjoy breakfast in the room. One more thing is the balcony suite Delight package, where you can have a different party on the balcony overlooking the city center. From 220,000 won. Contact 02-3451-8114.

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Ritz-Carlton Balcony Suite Delight Package <Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton>