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A good fairy tale is better than a hundred sermons, Andong - Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea

Mr. Kwon Jeong-seon, the author of The Puppy

A good fairy tale is better than a hundred sermons, Andong

Andong, Gyeongbuk, Korea

As you raise your child, you may remember reading the fairy tale book, Puppy Dung once. Or watched the anime Puppy. . It's a fairy tale telling us that a bunch of tiny dog poops are useful, and that anything in the world is worth living. Kwon Jung-seon, the author of The Puppy, passed away a few years ago, but his works are still a small hope of fire in this immaculate world. I visited the house where the teacher's harvest remained, the church where the bell was kept, and Kwon Jung-saeng's fairy tale country, which opened last summer.

Legacy Left to Poor Children
Kwon Jeong-sa, a fairy tale called Kwon Jeong-sa, is a renovated elementary school. It shows records and major works about Kwon Jeong-saeng.
Kwon Jung-saeng Fairy Tale Country with Kwon Jung-saeng's Life and Works
The teacher was born in Japan in 1937. I was the sixth of five sons and two daughters between my father and my poor mother who were taken to labor. After returning to World War II in Japan, he went through the Korean War and felt the misery of the war. Poverty and war lead families to break up, eat and not be treated properly, and suffer from systemic tuberculosis. Young Kwon, Jung-saeng, who was unjust to die, wanted to leave a good book.
Teacher's main works
The dog-dung, which endured a painful body, was elected to the Children's Literature Awards and continued to write with the meaning of life. Nevertheless, he never suffered a health recovery and suffered from illness all the time. In addition to The Puppy, the novel Mongsil Sister, whose main character was Mong Mong-yi, who suffered poverty and war and did not lose humanity, was also loved by many. In addition, there were 『Rangrang Star Geelongrong』 published as a book only after being written in the monthly magazine until the beginning of his death. He has made numerous works such as Flower Garden of Badger's House, Uncle Bear and Opundol, and Hantijae Sky.
A dog manuscript handwritten manuscript
After the teacher passed away in 2007, he was amazed at how to organize his belongings. It is because the balance of the account book left by the teacher has reached 1 billion won. The less people eat, the less they wear, the less they use their lives, the people in the neighborhood thought they were just poor writers. What he cherished and cherished for himself was to feed the poor and naked children of the world and to read. So he asked that the legacy and future taxes be used for children in North Korea, Africa and the Middle East. "All the books I have written are mostly bought and read by the children, so the incentives from them should be returned to the children."
One verse and the first edition of Puppy
There are some artifacts that stand out from the exhibition hall. A fan made of folded waste fertilizer bags and a lamp made out of wicks in a mayonnaise glass bottle when there was no electricity can give a glimpse into the life of a teacher.
Debt made of fertilizer bags
On one side of the exhibition hall, the landscape of the teacher's house in Jotap-dong was reproduced. All of the items inside are relics, but at first glance, nothing looks expensive. The bookcase and the sitting desk are all furniture, and the room is small enough for one person to lie down. The teacher himself wrote, “A good fairy tale is better than a hundred sermons.”
The room where the teacher lived inside the exhibition hall
In front of the cylinder in which the main works were held, the film shows the main scenes of the animation <Doggy Time> and the contents related to the teacher. Although it is short, it is possible to know the teacher's life and thoughts.
Visitors watching teacher related videos
If you go out from the entrance on the first floor, there is a deck observation deck. The village shown here is the background of the village where Mong Shil lived in the novel, Mong Sil Sister.
The town behind the dream sister
If you go down the stairs, you can find a dog poop, a mother's puppet, and Mong Sil's sculptures.
Teacher's house and church bell tower

10 minutes by car from the fairy tale country is the house where Mr. Kwon Jung-seng lived and a lifelong church where he was a servant. It was in 1968 that he, ill without a family, entered the church doorway. Every day, she pulled the strings, rang the bells, helped with church work, and wrote at night. In the same year, he wrote <Doggy Dog Dung> and he was not satisfied with it. It is cold in winter and sultry doorway in summer, but the teacher wrote many works here. The doorway and bell tower where the teacher stayed changed slightly over the years, but it is enough to bring back the feeling.

Iljik Church Bell Tower. The building on the right is a newly built doorway.
There is a house where the teacher lived under Bilbae Mountain, which is seen from the church. It is a small clay house with no trees, no fences, no names, and a backside of Bilbangi Hill, with two trees. There is a room in the clay house, a kitchen, a toilet and a kennel in the corner of the yard. This small house, about 26 square meters (8 pyeong), was built by a local young man for his teacher, where he lived from 1983 until his death. “It's nice to be warm, quiet, lonely at will, sick, and thought-prone,” he wrote to Lee. Although the roof is curled up in the remotest part of town, it was a perfect place for a teacher who said, "The artist must be lonely."
Kwon Jung-seng's house is small but warm
Kwon Jung-san gave a warm attention to dog poop that everyone deems trivial. This winter would not be cold if we had a book and a passage of his loving love on hand.
I put the name on the paper instead of the nameplate.
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Kwon Jung-saeng fairy tale country
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