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A fragment of the moonlight, a moonlight tour of Damyang, on a soft autumn night - Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Damyang Moonlight Tour along Gwanbangjerim

A fragment of the moonlight, a moonlight tour of Damyang, on a soft autumn night

Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

It's a good time to walk with a breeze of autumn. Let's go on a good Damyang moonlight trip before the wonderful season disappears. The moonlight walk in the autumn night is sweet and savory like a chestnut that is burned on a campfire. The Moonlight Sonata in Damyang walks along the 'cloud-painted moonlight' from the Dambit Art Warehouse to Gwanbangjerim to Juknokwon, is an emotional journey to spend the autumn.

Humanities travel from Damyang Grand Forest to the green season
Damyang was designated as the first 'special zone in the area of humanities' among 27 special education districts nationwide this year. Damyang-gun's abundant humanities and assets to explore sperm culture such as Seongsan Byeolgok and Myeonangjeongga, as well as Sikyeongjeong and Soswaewon, were developed with various cultural contents. 'Damyang Ecological Humanities Tour' that walks through Juknokwon, Gwanbangjelim, and Metasequoia with the theme of 'Juknokwon Humanities Walk', walking through the grove, and seeing the full moon in the bamboo forest, 'Damyang Moonlight Tour' In addition, various humanities tours, such as the 'Hujeong-Ho, Family Culture Humanities Tour,' are in progress.
'Juknokwon Humanities Walk' is a program that walks through the bamboo forest of Juknokwon by listening to a lecture by a celebrity on the second Saturday of every month until November. A cultural tour interpreter accompanies the story of Damyang's history and culture along the 3km section between Juknokwon and Gwanbangjerim, Dambit Art Warehouse and Metasequoia.
Even in the daytime, the dark forest of the dark green bamboo forest is more attractive at night
'Damyang Moonlight Tour' is a time to walk the Juknokwon Humanities Walk Course at night and meet the nature and culture of Damyang. It is a special healing time to walk in the green bamboo forest of bamboo green gardens that remain unchanged in all seasons. The moonlight tour of Damyang started this summer and settled in the middle of each month, and was held in eight successes. Damyang Moonlight Tour begins at Dambit Art Warehouse, which is emerging as a hot place for Gwanbangjerim.
Walking through the bamboo forest of Juknokwon makes my mind comfortable
From Dambit Art Warehouse along Gwanbangjerim to Juknokwon
Dambit Art Warehouse, a place where participants of the Moonlight Tour gather, is an art gallery and cafe that is an old-fashioned reconstruction of an old grain warehouse. It has the meaning of 'the space where Damyang's water and culture and art bloom with humanities philosophy and enrich the lives of residents'.
Moonlight Tour Participant's Place, Dambit Art Warehouse
The red brick granary warehouse built in the 1960s was abandoned as an abandoned warehouse when government purchases were suspended, and then was created as an art space. The spacious, high-ceiling art gallery stands out from the artworks, and the cafe next door is also pleasantly decorated.
Dambit Art Warehouse that emerged as a hot place for Gwanbangjerim
It is exotic to see the beautiful tree of Gwanbangjerim on the large window. On weekends, it is loved as a famous attraction in Damyang, so you can line up to buy coffee.
Curator explaining the light art warehouse to the participants

If you are drinking a cup of tea at Dambit Art Warehouse, people gather in a large courtyard.

The cafe closes at 7 o'clock with the gallery.
Before the walk, take a time to watch the works of art being exhibited at the Dambit Art Warehouse. It is calm and informative to listen to and listen to artworks while listening to friendly explanations from professional curators.
Participants who watch works being exhibited
On the way to Gwanbangjerim, interesting questions and explanations from cultural commentators follow. "Do you know the name of this tree?" It is not easy to guess the name of a tree by looking at the leaves in the Gwanbang forest, where 300-year-old zelkova, hackberry, and peugeot trees flourish, but everyone is interested in trees. It is the sweetest foliage among the trees in the Gwanbangjerim that has the fastest foliage. After hearing the names of the trees standing along the Gwanbangjerim and knowing the features, the new ginseng tree looks familiar and savory. It is not difficult to walk in the dark thanks to the cultural tour commentators who shine a flashlight from the side and back in addition to the cultural tour commentator who walks ahead. If you walk slowly under the moonlight, you can hear the sound of whispering in the wind.
A good moonlight trip for friends, lovers and families
Even in the daytime, thanks to the lush bamboo that covers the sky, the lush forest of Juknokwon, which is dim, must rely on the moonlight as the night gets deeper. Whether you are a family member, a lover, a friend, or someone walking tightly with both hands, the loose heart is sad and the warmth is appreciated.
Participants walking around the circumference under the moonlight painted by clouds
The sound of the winds and the bruises of the leaves hitting each other is dramatically mixed with the soft moonlight.
Take a light break while walking on dark night roads
After walking through Gwanbangjerim and walking through the bamboo forest of Juknokwon, you reach the summit of Seongbongbong. It is said that the adult peak of Juknokwon, the shortest circumference road in Korea, is made by turning three wheels. At that end, the participants walk around the path seriously. It is also serious to climb the adult peak and make a wish on the full moon of Hwiyoung-cheong. It is a precious time to think of a family that was longing for wishes and to convey a feeling of comfort to oneself tired of everyday life.
Participants climbing the adult peak and watching the full moon
When you come down to Juknokwon and arrive at Uiyangjeong, simple refreshments are served with tea leaves, rice cakes, and fruits. The blue jazz band's sweet jazz performances and even a piece of moonshine in a cup of warm tea leaves will alleviate the fatigue of the day. Visitors spend a happy autumn night in the sweet jazz listening in front of the old pavilion where the moonlight falls.
A soft moonlit night is as sweet as a jazz tune.
On November 13th, the last moonlight trip awaits this year. The moonlight tour will continue on the middle of each month from March to October next year.
Refreshment with tea leaves, mochi and fruit
Travel information

Moonlight Sonata in Damyang
-Date and time: Sunday, November 13, 2016 19: 00 ~ 22: 00
-Place: Dambit Art Warehouse, Gwanbangjerim, Juknokwon
-Participation cost: 5000 won
-Inquiries: Damyang-gun Tourism and Leisure Section 061-380-3151

Restaurants near
-Deokin Hall: Tteokgalbi / 1121, Jukhyang-daero, Damyang-eup / 061-381-7881
-Seungil Restaurant: Pork Ribs / 98-1 Jungang-ro, Damyang-eup / 061-382-9011
-Byeokdong: Barley rice set meal / 41, Uyeongbyeong-ro, Changpyeong-myeon / 061-382-6665

-Meta Pension: 22-8, Deepsil-gil, Damyang-eup / 061-381-2002
-Bamboo Story Hotel: 202, Geumseongsanseong-gil, Geumseong-myeon / 061-380-5000
-Damyang Resort Tourist Hotel: 202 Geumseongsanseong-gil, Geumseong-myeon / 061-380-5000

※ The above information was written in October 2016, and may change later, so please check before you travel.

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