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5 Best Desserts Found in Itaewon Alley - Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

'Frank''s Rainbow Cake

5 Best Desserts Found in Itaewon Alley

Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Dessert, is there something sweeter and more tempting than this? A bitter black coffee and a dessert that was born in a natural way began to make a refreshing transformation with a beer and a meal instead of a meal. The five desserts I found on Itaewon's alleys are as delicious and lovely as the exotic. The power of a piece of dessert that blows away everyday stress in one room! Whispers secretly and sweetly despite the high calories and burdensome prices. It's okay, it's a dessert.

When did we start eating sweet desserts after meals? In the era when a piece of cake was the best dessert, the dessert craze was popping out with a refreshing idea. The scent of baking cakes and pies in the alley of Itaewon, the center of desserts that can be called a light culture or a sweet luxury.
Green Tea Crepe Cake by Lady M
From crispy street churros to eat on the streets to Tartin's authentic American pies, over 20 homemade pies, Frank's rainbow roll cake full of splashy desserts, and Turkish desserts. Dessert Kervan Bakery's Dessert Let's meet the five best desserts, moist and sweet, including Baklava, and Lady M's wheat crepe cake, loved by New Yorkers.
'Tartin' Chocolate Cream Pie
Authentic homemade pie made from mom's recipe, tartin
Tartin, which started as a small dessert shop in the alley of Itaewon in 2008, sold 20,000 homemade pies until September this year. If you go to a tartin that makes authentic American pies, you can taste the pies, cookies, and cakes with sincerity like mom's pies.
Outdoor table between 1st and 2nd tartin
Insist on the same 100% handmade recipes made by the mother of Tartin's chef Edward. The price is high by making homemade ingredients as well as caramel sauce that goes into the pie, but the taste of the pie is fresh with seasonal fruits.
Make about 20 kinds of pies with fresh seasonal fruits and nuts
In the fall, you can meet about 10 different pies, including sweet and sour wild berry pie mixed with blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry, buttery tart, a savory Canadian pie, and paradise spicy, which combines the rich flavor of walnut and coconut. have. Pecan pie with whole walnuts is popular as a weekend brunch due to its rich and rich taste.
A la mode with ice cream on pecan pie
Lady M, a crepe cake created by the craftsmanship

When you go to Lady M, which opened in August of this year, you can meet three different types of crepe cakes made by stacking 20 layers of crepes. There are three types of cake: chocolate crepe, vanilla wheat crepe, and green tea crepe. Its taste is as soft and rich as a fresh cream that is soaked between 20 or more crepes.

White veil in a neat white building

In addition to aging the basic ingredients for a day, crepe cakes that come out every morning insist on daily production sales because they have to go through tricky processes such as making cakes and refrigerating them for 12 hours. The crepe cake made by Patissier from New York is at the same height, and the thickness of the crepe is correct, as well as the amount of fresh cream. On the afternoon of the afternoon, you can add a sweet cake to a glass of beer like a New Yorker on the 3rd floor terrace where you can feel the atmosphere of the city.

More than 20 layers of crepe cake
Colorful seven-colored rainbow cake, Frank

Cafe Frank, who is hiding in the alley of Gyeongnidan, feels relaxed even if he is always crowded with people. This is thanks to the green pots surrounding the cafe, dry flowers hanging from the indoor ceiling, and colorful desserts on the shelves. The rainbow cake of the seven colors of Pajuno Chopa is also famous, but the blue and white tart is also popular.

Cafe Frank, an atmosphere in a quiet alley
The rainbow roll cake comes out at 12:00 pm, and is sold out within 10 minutes on weekends and within an hour on weekdays. The seven colors are so vivid that it feels like a bad food, but thanks to the attractiveness of edible pigments that cannot be obtained with natural colors, it has captured the taste of young people.
Cheongpodo tart with green grapes and pie
Even if they are pushed to the side of the cake, bakeries such as brioche full of savory butter flavor, freshly baked chiabata, and croissant with warm texture are steadily loved.
The fresh cream in the colorful color sheet does not feel better than I thought
Sweet Turkish Dessert, Kervan

When you enter the Kervan Bakery, your mouth will open in front of the showcase with dozens of desserts. A variety of exotic tastes abound to suit the taste of young people who have traveled to Turkey or love foreign snacks. As a bakery, there are not only sweet desserts, but there are many types of pale Turkish bread, such as Atsuma, Pohacha, and Seamite, which can be eaten as a meal or snack.

Kervan Bakery Showcase
The Turkish jelly, Turkish Delight, has a fragrant and savory taste, such as rose, orange, and mint. It is a dessert that appeared in the movie Chronicles of Narnia.
In Baclava, bitter black tea or coffee is perfect.
Baklava, a typical dessert in Turkey, is a homemade leek made with 40 layers of pie sheet with walnuts and pistachios and sweetened with sugar. You can also enjoy the rich sweetness when you eat it with bitter Turkish black tea.
Turkish bread eaten by Turkish people
Crispy and sweet taste that makes you stand in line, street churros

If you find a long line on the road leading to Gyeongnidan-gil after exiting Itaewon, it must be a procession of people who want to buy Churus. Even on weekdays, the line is long, but the wait time is not so long because it is fried quickly.

On the road to Gyeongnidan-gil, a long line to buy a churros
The churros, which is made by squeezing the dough for a long time, is crisp and has an excellent taste. If you don't like the sweetness of cinnamon sugar that's buried right after frying, you can also eat it lightly. Regulars prefer to eat without sugar.
Horseshoe-shaped churus
The achu menu that adds churros to ice cream is attractive because you can eat hot churros with cold ice cream. Sweet frozen mocha is also a recommended drink that goes perfectly with the churros.
Collect 2 churros to form a heart
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